Sunday, 23 September 2012

Excerpt from The Selkie!


Seeing as it's a quiet evening, and I'm frustrated that my favorite TV shows are still in reruns, I thought I'd take the time to bring you an excerpt from my new paranormal romance The Selkie!

How would you react if you woke up in a drunken haze, only to find an impossibly sexy man sitting in your bedroom next to you? And what would you think if you realized this was the man you've been having naughty dreams about for months? Well, this is how my heroine Maggie reacts.


Maggie stared at him. His long, brown hair was pulled back into a loose ponytail, and the body that was so naked and wet on the beach was now clad in a black T-shirt, jeans, and a leather biker jacket. She felt her heart skip a beat at the sight of him in this bad-boy garb. She’d always had a thing for bad boys, from the moment Steven O’Dowd played so carelessly with her heart in high school. And while both Matthew and Bobby had been preppy and straitlaced on the outside, on the inside they’d ended up looking really bad after she learned of their philandering inclinations.

So help her, she would not fall for another bad boy. Her plan was not to fall for anyone, period, for a long time.

Especially not men who overpowered her senses and seemed to ooze sex and moonlight. There really was a faint glimmer to his skin. She rubbed her eyes, wondering if she was too young for cataracts to set in.

Despite her determination to make the stranger disappear, he didn’t appear even slightly prepared to go. Her mind raced. “This isn’t happening. I was drunk, grieving. I imagined you. I’m probably imagining you right now. Only with more clothes.”

He moved slowly over to the bed, allowing himself to perch on the edge, still smiling. “I didn’t hear you complaining about my lack of clothes last time.” His gaze dropped to her chest, and he waved his hand in that vicinity. “You might want to fasten your gansey. It’s a wee bit distracting.”

“My … gansey?” She shook her head, annoyed. This man used words even her grandmother hadn’t. “What is that?”

He nodded at her bosom, looking annoyed himself. “Your … jumper.” He seized on the right word as if it had just occurred to him. “Your shirt!”

She looked down, only to see her bra on flagrant display. Damn. Feeling herself turn scarlet, she hurried to button her shirt up. She tried not to make eye contact while she did so, but her gaze inevitably flew to his face.

She watched, helpless, as his tongue darted out again to wet the corner of his full lips. She’d tasted that scrumptious tongue. Couldn’t get the taste out of her head! Without thinking, she blurted, “Stop that!”

“Stop what, love?”

Oh God. Stop being so sexy, she wanted to scream. All the heat in her body seemed to shoot up into her face, and she just knew her  shame must be written all over her forehead. “Look, pal, this needs to stop. I don’t know you.” Her hands were trembling now, and her lips were chattering in anger to boot. “I don’t understand…”

“Maggie,” he uttered, grasping her hands. At his touch, her hands stopped shaking and she felt herself calm down once again. His eyes softened as if he almost felt sorry for her. He let go of her hands. From somewhere next to the bed, he produced her flask of brandy. “I’ll explain everything to you, lass. Have a drink first, though. You’ll need it.”

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  1. You are one heck of a great writer. I enjoy your excerpts so much. Best wishes on your latest release, Rosanna!

    1. Thanks so much Sheri! The feeling is mutual! Congrats to you too! :)

  2. Rosanna, you know you write such hot stories. You have a fan in me for life.

    1. You're a sweetheart, Savannah. Thank you, and know I feel the same about you and your work!