Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Jennifer Cooper...Entwined Past!

Hi everyone;

My new pal Jennifer Cooper is here today to tell us a little about her hot new book Entwined Past! I was drawn right away by the sexy cover and tag line on this one: "One day when we're older, I'm going to marry you."


Read on for a tantalizing excerpt!


     Kidnapped at ten years old, Mason and Rose spent six years with a man who did unmentionable things to Rose. Leaving Mason to fight for her every time he came down to retrieve Rose for a night. Mason, fought for her, comforted her, and lulled her to sleep when she couldn’t.

     After coming back to the place where it all went wrong ten years later, his mission, to find Rose and get her back at his side where he felt she belonged. Upon meeting again by chance at a local coffee shop, the contact didn’t go as Mason had hoped. They both froze and memories flooded them once again of the horror that they endured with their kidnapper.

     He had hoped that he could overcome the past, overcome the time that was spent away from Rose, thinking that time had been of comfort to them both when it came to their past. But it didn’t. Their past came back with a vengeance, slamming Mason back into the past in the middle of the coffee shop.

     Acquiring his first teaching job at the same school that Rose worked as an assistant in the office. Back in the sight of her, he demands for him to let go of the past and help bring Rose back with him to the future that he promised her so long ago.


     Rose never thought that she would ever have to live her life without the one man that she could ever love. After separated Rose lived her life day by day, missing Mason, nightmares and the guilt of her mother before she died.

     When their lives crashed together once again, Rose thought that she had been transported back into the past, again that young girl once more. She ran from him in the coffee shop but couldn’t get him out of her mind after. Her past came back to the forefront of her mind, showing the hideous things the monster did to her.

     She used to wonder about him during their separation but now that he was here and wanting to be with her, she didn’t know if she had anything left in her to love him with. Her heart was filled with hatred and sorrow. Her mind replaced all good things about Mason and in its place were all the bad. Nothing was left or so she thought.

Blowing the steam away as I took a careful sip of the coffee, the sound of people congregating around the small café this morning was lively, the younger crowd talking about their excursions the night before. An older couple huddled together in a booth, sipping on their coffee as they smiled at one another. I found myself yearning for that closeness that I had denied myself for so long.
 I looked up from my hot coffee as I felt the hot gaze of a woman staring at me. I found myself looking into familiar piercing green eyes, our past shadowing in the background.
 The woman looked down and saw that she’d dropped the coffee that she had held seconds earlier. Along with the shell-shocked look on her beautiful face, her hands shook as she bent down to the dark liquid that pooled around her boots.
 A small meek young woman in the café’s uniform ran to her side in an instant, cleaning up the remains of the coffee. As the waitress fervently cleaned the spill away, she looked up and seem to see Rose looking at me once more, her eyes showing every ounce of pain that I was feeling at that moment. Rose stuttered her apologies as she flew out the door, leaving the waitress dumbfounded and me in the past again.
 I set my coffee down as the past returned to the forefront of my mind, and I was once again that ten-year-old boy. My face fell into my hands as I tried shaking the painful memories from my mind. As before, once the memories came there was no stopping them. It all came screaming back to me.
 I stood as the room spun out of control and I felt myself falling; there was no way of stopping it. Darkness encased me, pinning me to the floor of the café, only one person entering my mind like every time before. The smug look on his face, the dark eyes that penetrated me even from the past still had its effects on me, making me feel like that ten -year -old boy again. I screamed before I could stop the resonating sound coming from my lips.
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  1. Hey everyone! Ill be around today for any questions you might have. Would love to talk to you guys!

  2. You took a hard topic - looking forward to reading the outcome :)

  3. Thanks Sheri. I appreciate your support.

    1. Well i have to get off here, storms are expected soon and they usually come with power outages. To any and all who downloaded my book today...i want to say thank you so very much. I hope to hear from you guys soon as to how you liked it or not. Any and all opinions and critique is always welcomed.
      A huge warm thank you to Rosanna for hosting me today!

  4. Like Sheri said, you tackled a really tough subject. I'm very interested in reading this book.

    1. Thanks Brenda! I'm sure Jennifer will be thrilled to know of your interest!