Monday, 22 October 2012

Robin Danner...The Princes Bound!

Today is an exciting day for me!

My good friend and fellow Liquid Silver Books author Robin Danner is here! I am such a fan of this wonderful woman. She is totally committed to her craft and works incredibly hard, even with a growing family. We know how hard that can be! Robin's here to tell us a bit about her journey, and to give us a glimpse into her sexy new book The Princes Bound! The cover is just below, and I think it's beautiful!

So have a read, and make this the next book on your TBR pile today!
Welcome, Robin!

                About five years ago, not long after the birth of my oldest son, I started writing a story. This one was different as it was the first I’d written since meeting my husband. I sat down to write and got about halfway through when I became pregnant with baby number 2. Baby number 3 soon followed. I had to put down my “pen” and pick up the diaper pail.

                Now that my oldest son is in school and the younger boys are (for the most part) potty-trained, I decided to start writing again. I finished The Princes Bound at the end of May. The Princes Determined and The Princes Knighted followed about a month or two later. (I do things in three’s, in case you can’t tell!) And now, after a six year hiatus, I finally have a new release! The Princes Bound hit cyber shelves last Monday and I’m beside myself with excitement.

                The Princes series has been a long, winding road to get back to writing. Revisions aside, I had to adjust my schedule to accommodate a full time day job, a never-ending pile of laundry, and still make time for the computer. I am not ashamed to admit that I usually wear a pair of headphones while I write…and it’s not for listening to music! That would only add to the noise level in my house. So I escaped into a world of my own imagination where princes roam free, and the ladies prove to be a fierce challenge.

                The first two books tell the story of two princes and the women that love them. The third in the series branches off to include friends and family of the princes, and I’m looking forward to writing the fourth and fifth book in the coming months. So if you’re looking for a spicy romance with a dash of intrigue, please check out The Princes Bound!


BLURB for The Princes Bound (now available at


Prince Mathis wants nothing but peace for his kingdom, while his brother, Prince Talin, seems determined to align his own kingdom with their family’s sworn enemy through an alliance in the form of marriage. Mathis will be damned if he will witness the ceremony binding his brother to the daughter of the man rumored to have murdered their father.

Talin’s most trusted captain, Nadia d’Arcy, is ordered to abduct Mathis and bring him by force to Noventia for the wedding, a marriage that is not what it seems to be.

Mathis and Nadia’s mutual attraction tests both the captain’s loyalty to her prince and Mathis’ already worn patience. As a rebellion begins to threaten all that they hold dear, Nadia must choose between the life she has always known or surrender to the handsome prince who is determined to make her his.

BLURB for The Princes Determined (coming 11/19/12)

After a failed wedding, Rowena of Bevelaire is abandoned by her treacherous father and left to the tender mercies of her intended groom, Prince Talin. A dangerous man with his own agenda, Talin could be Rowena’s damnation or destiny.  

To safeguard his people, Prince Talin is determined to do anything, including marry the daughter of his bitter enemy.  But a marriage to Lady Rowena could cost him a kingdom … or his heart.

BLURB for The Princes Knighted (coming 1/7/13)

Sir Hugh d’Arcy has returned from the battlefield to escort Sara, the princess’ sister, to wed another. The mission is his duty and his personal agony. Sara has never forgotten her love for the boy Hugh once was. When captured, a shocking revelation brings their love to life again. To save all he has sworn to protect, Hugh faces a devastating decision. Can Sara convince him her love is strong enough to overcome any obstacle?





  1. Aww! Thanks so much, Rosanna!

    1. Thanks for being here, Robin, and congrats!

  2. Hi Robin. Congrats on getting back in front of the computer and coming up with this delightful series. And also for being a top seller over at ARe ( for Historical Ancient Romance and in the top spot over this past weekend.

    1. Thanks so much! I'm was tickled pink to be a top seller, especially with a series that is so dear to my heart. Readers, in case you didn't know, this lady right here (along with Rosanna) gave me a lot of help getting back into the swing of things. I appreciate them both!

  3. Definitely sounds like you have a full plate. I'm so glad you were able to get back to writing.

    1. How did you know I was eating supper, Allie? Just kidding! Thanks for coming by and I'm glad we were release buddies together!

  4. Wow, wow, wow!
    I admire how you make time for your writing. My boys are older so I have more time to write, but I still find excuses to not write, lol.

    1. I take a night off every now and again, Brenda. Especially since I'm back on the promotion wheel! With my other pen name gearing up for releases in 2013, I'm about to be super busy. I like to stay busy though, so that's a good thing! Thanks for coming by!