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Sofia Grey...Crash Into Love Giveaway!

It's always a pleasure hosting the talented Sofia Grey. Especially when we get to hear her exciting book launch news. Please welcome her as she tells us about Crash Into Love.
Make sure you comment for a chance to win some awesome Crash Into Love swag!

And We’ll Defy – by I Am Giant

I close my eyes and follow you…

I love writing that moment in a romance, where the lead character realises they trust their new lover / partner.  It might be a bolt out of the blue, or a slow realisation, or sometimes when it’s almost too late and they realise just how much they might lose.

By this time, the characters have usually taken up residence in my head, and I feel as though I know them. I replay imaginary conversations while I’m driving, and have protracted discussions with my critique partners and beta reader about how they’re behaving. It gets crowded in my head at times, especially when they’re nagging me to write faster, to get their story on the page now! But then we hit those pivotal moments, and like pouring some kitty bix into a bowl to keep the cat quiet, there’s a short period of blissful silence.

I Am Giant are one of those underrated Kiwi rock bands, who really should be better known, and they featured highly on my playlist for Crash Into Love. I adore this track, so if you get a couple of minutes, have a listen J

In this excerpt from Crash Into Love, Cass is talking to Jonah properly, for the first time.

Throwing caution to the winds, I dropped to sit on the deck a few feet away. I took a generous slug of wine before I spoke. “The night sky never fails to take my breath away. It’s completely different from where I used to live in England.”
“Have you been here long? In New Zealand?”
I wondered again why he’d ignored me earlier but wanted to talk now. I replied carefully. “Just over ten years. I married a Kiwi who wanted to take me home with him.” Jonah cocked his head at me in an unspoken question. “He traded me in for a younger model. We’re divorced now.” It was almost true. The papers wouldn’t be finalized for a few months, but the marriage had been over for years.
“I’m sorry.” Jonah sounded as though he meant it, and I shrugged, keen to shake off the dismal mood that had fallen.
“Don’t be, I’m glad now.” I took a deep breath. Dare I say it? “If I was still married, I wouldn’t be sitting here now.”
“Any children?”
“One, a son. Dylan.” My minuscule, beachside romance was about to be snuffed out before it had even started. “He’s about your age.”
Jonah snorted into his glass. “I’m twenty-four. You don’t look old enough.”
I smiled into my wine. “Thanks. I’m still ten years older than you. I had Dylan when I was sixteen, and I met Colin, my ex, later. You remind me of Dylan’s real father. He was a guitarist, too.” Why was I prattling on? Scare him away Cass, why don’t you?
Jonah stared into his glass. “I’m not, anymore.” His voice was so low, I struggled to hear him. “I’m not anything now.” He took a deep breath and pushed himself to a standing position. “I should go.”
There was something I had to know, and the wine had made me bold enough to ask. “Why did you ignore me tonight? I didn’t mean to intrude. Your friends invited me.”
He stared down at me, his dark eyes burning into my soul. Slowly, carefully, he placed the empty glass on the table and then reached out a hand to me. Surprised, I let him pull me to my feet. His grip was warm and sure, but he let go when I stood before him. I felt a flicker of uncertainty. He opened his mouth as though to speak and then paused. “I couldn’t focus.” The words were slow and measured. “I wanted this instead.”
His hand lifted to slide into my hair, pushing back a stray lock and tucking it behind my ear. The breath caught in my throat. Spellbound, I searched his face, seeing the same intensity I glimpsed earlier. Fingertips trailed down my cheek before he traced my lips.
“Soft,” he whispered. I was lost. Time stopped. There was just Jonah and me, with the moon and the stars behind his head and his voice in my heart.



Cass thought spending a month at a beachside hideaway relaxing and collecting shells would be the perfect escape to finish her novel. When she meets the dark and brooding and much younger Jonah, who's staying next door, her book becomes the last thing on her mind.

Jonah would rather stay home alone than go on vacation with his brother and their friends, but does his best to tolerate the situation after being convinced to go. But when he sees the beauty next door, he can’t avoid his attraction.

Together, they break all the rules, but will Cass be able to bring Jonah out of his shell forever, or will he leave her with only the crash of the surf to keep her company?

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Romance author Sofia Grey spends her days managing projects in the corporate world and her nights hanging out with wolf shifters and alpha males. She devours pretty much anything in the fiction line, but she prefers her romances to be hot, and her heroes to have hidden depths. When writing, she enjoys peeling back the layers to expose her characters’ flaws and always makes them work hard for their happy endings.

Music is interwoven so tightly into my writing that I can’t untangle the two. Either I’m listening to a playlist on my iPod, have music seeping from my laptop speakers, or there’s a song playing in my head – sometimes on auto-repeat.

Check out my playlist on Pinterest and listen for free via (Sofia Grey –Crash Into Love station)

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Release day for Predator's Claim!

Well, I never thought the day would arrive. I'm sure that's what every author feels with each new release. Despite my nerves, Predator's Claim, Gemini Island Shifters 4 is now available!

And I'm pleased to see it has arrived earlier than usual at some of the regular outlets as well, so some of my readers won't have to wait as long to download it. You can now find it at:
(Don't forget: buying directly from the publisher ensure more of the royalties end up with the author, rather than another outlet).

I hope you enjoy this next installment of the Gemini Island series, and I look forward to bringing you more from my sexy shifters. Look for stories for jaguar Killian Moon and other assorted hotties soon!
Thanks for all your support.


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TRR Party!

Welcome to all visiting from the TRR Party today!
My question today concerns my latest release Predator's Refuge, Gemini Island Shifters 3.

The question is posted at the TRR party site and here's a little blurb to help you out.

Lynx shifter Marci Lennox has worked at the shifter-friendly Ursa Fishing Lodge and Resort all her adult life. It’s more a home to her than a job. When her boss goes on vacation, putting her in charge, Marci is thrilled. Finally a chance to prove she has the mettle to run a resort.

Her confidence is shaken when new employee Anton Gaspar appears. One look at the mysterious tiger shifter spells trouble for Marci and for her sex-crazed lynx. Anton is judgmental, condescending, and a little misogynistic. Unfortunately, Marci’s lynx thinks his tiger is more delicious than an oversized bag of Maltesers.

It becomes difficult for Marci to remain neutral near Anton, especially when she learns of his troubling past and unusual family circumstances. However, when dangerous incidents occur on the resort, the lynx woman and tiger man join forces to combat the threat to the lodge and its guests.
Harder still is the quest to combat their explosive feelings for one another. As they explore their mutual passion, they realize the danger at the resort is more insidious than they ever envisioned. Their dreams, their love, and their very lives are at stake.

Predator's Refuge is available at, Amazon, ARE and B&N & Kobo & Apple.

Goodreads link:

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A trailer for Predator's Claim, Gemini Island Shifters 4!

I am thrilled to announce there is a wonderful new trailer for Predator's Claim, Gemini Island Shifters 4!

It is now live on Youtube at

This lovely trailer was created by the talented Book Chick of The Book Chick Blog Reviews. She has done all my Gemini Island Shifters trailers, and I can't thank her enough. I do hope you'll visit and give it a like.
If you are interested in one of her trailers, you can find her at

Predator's Claim will be available March 24 at and is now on preorder at a discount at:

Thanks for watching!

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Sotia Lazu...Cherry Stem!

I am very pleased to introduce you to Sotia Lazu, an author who I originally met at Goodreads. She is here today to announce the relaunch of her book Cherry Stem!

Cherry Stem Book Blitz and Giveaway


Turned at the cusp of a promising career in the adult movie industry, Cherry Stem has to rely on her mesmerizing vampire gaze for her meals and money. With the rent deadline approaching, settling for pocket change isn’t an option, so she reluctantly decides to let tall, dark, and handsome Detective Alex Marsden take her home for the night and fulfill her needs. 
Only she gets more than she bargained for.

When Cherry meets Alex, she expects him to be nothing more than another “girl meets boy, girl feeds from boy, girl erases boy’s memories” hook-up. Once missing young women, the vampire council, and her irresistible ex are thrown into the mix though, she realizes nothing is as simple or random as she thought it was.


And Alex is either the biggest gift or the biggest mistake of her un-life.





Hiding my body seemed silly after we’d already had sex, so I didn’t. Not that he looked. He just dropped a duffel bag by the sink.


“Thought you’d want clean clothes as soon as you were dry,” he said. “Got a couple tees and sweatpants from my place. They’ll be too big for you, but at least the pants have drawstrings. Should be good for the night.”


Then he pulled his shirt over his head.


If I were human, I’d have been drowned by the water filling my mouth and clogging my throat while I gaped at him. As it was, I was grateful I’d opened the shower stall door and could enjoy the view.


Most people look better when they’re dressed than when they’re out of their clothes. There are always flaws, something that needs covering up: a slightly jutting stomach, love handles, scars, pimples. Something.


To me Alex was perfect.


I’d already run my fingers down his chest and abs, but seeing the smooth, flawless skin stretch over rippling muscle made me itch to caress it. His shoulders were wide; I knew that already, but the way they rounded, leading to his flexing biceps, was a sight to behold. And that’s what I did. I beheld, wishing he was closer, that I could press my breasts against his chest and see goose bumps rise.


I would probably have kept staring at his six-pack for much longer if his fingers hadn’t gotten in the way. Splayed across his abdomen, they touched what I longed for, ghosting their way down to the front of his pants. I wanted to lick my way along the trail of fine hair beneath his navel that disappeared inside his waistband. I sucked in a breath when he undid the button and another when the zipper lowered, allowing his slacks to fall to the teal, tiled floor.


My gaze followed them, until he stepped out of the pooled fabric and toward the shower stall.


Toward me.



Book Title: Cherry Stem (Book I of the Cherry Series)

Author: Sotia Lazu

Genre: Erotic Urban Fantasy

Length: 74K

Release Date: 3.15.2014

ISBN: 9781310502491

Pre-Order/Purchase Links: B & N ( | Apple ( | Smashwords ( | Coming Soon on Amazon (



The book is for Adults Only


About the Author

Sotia cries at sappy movies and wishes she could take in all the stray dogs in the world. She lives in Athens, Greece, with her husband—whom she met through writing—their son, and their two rescue dogs, one of which might be part-pony.


Her genres of choice are romances with a twist and urban fantasy novels, always with vivid erotic elements. Her characters aren't exactly hero-material at first glance; she likes making them fight for their happiness. Still, the romantic in her can’t resist happy endings.




Find Sotia:
Or write to her at
Sotia is so happy to be re-launching Cherry Stem, she felt like sharing the happiness :)
Enter the Rafflecopter Giveaway for a chance to win an e-Book or some Author Swag, including a lovely cherry shaped bracelet charm!
NOTE: The giveaway is for Adults Only. Please do not enter if you’re below your country’s legal age.
Entrants can enter more than once with options such as “Leave a comment” and “Tweet about this Giveaway.”

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MaryAnn Wakefield...A Gentle Sun Coming!

Please help me welcome MaryAnn Wakefield to the blog today!

A Gentle Sun Coming by Maryann Wakefield




A Gentle Sun Coming has been a long time coming. It's hard to believe that it's over. I don't know how I feel about that. My emotions are roller coastering from joyous to wondering, from sad to feeling like a huge weight just lifted away. One of my first thoughts was Yea, I can throw away old pages, reorganize my desk and computer while giving new space for A Raging Storm Coming.

I swear this is true, my first email today was about buying and reading A Gentle Sun Coming. I have to share the words I received: thoroughly engrossed, intoxicated, amazing book, hooked, enjoying this book so much, addicting. I grew six inches and I believed every word.

It was quite a day. I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings--maybe the Prologue of Gentle.






When Kade Turner lost her husband and son to a freak automobile accident, she tried to commit suicide and was hospitalized for a year. Daily sessions with Dr. Luke Bradshaw brought her back to the land of the living… and also of loving. Or so she made him believe, as an unexpected and suppressed emotion is kindled and an eternal flame ignited on the night of her departure. She flees to Destin, Florida with the goal of being reunited with her family ‘on the other side’; unable to believe Luke could love a ‘lost cause’ like herself.

Instead, she is targeted by a serial killer who sees her as a challenge. Unbeknownst to Kade, her worst nightmare is her next door neighbor; a man who knows her every move and hears even her thoughts. Will Luke find her in time? Is what they shared strong enough to turn a determination to die into an undeniable desire to live?


Again the office was silent. Dr. Bradshaw’s scrutiny interrupted Kade’s thoughts, but she drifted away again, wondering if anything she had read was true. He was certainly nice looking with hair the color of sun-bleached mocha, cut to look professional even though pieces escaped their intended placement. His blue eyes were indecipherable.

Nothing about him ever changed, only his glasses. Even though the professional looking clothes changed, they didn’t in Kade’s mind. The magazines on the side table never moved, only their dates changed.

Again, her thoughts were broken, this time by the doctor’s voice bringing her back to the peaceful, luxurious office.

Dr. Bradshaw studied Kade as her concentration flitted about the room, never lingering anywhere. Part of her inattentiveness, he knew, was an honest emotion. Nevertheless, she used it as a ploy to avoid painful conversation. This was the usual pattern, but today started differently, until now. Suddenly, Kade became absorbed in returning her pockets into her jeans. She would not focus on anything except arranging her pockets.

Dr. Bradshaw’s unintended anger changed his tone and tactics. He was tired of her games, tired of her refusal for help. “Kade, you must talk to me. You said you are ready for me to help you, but I can’t if you won’t let me. Start anywhere, but talk. Talk now.”

Ignoring his plea, she deliberately continued gazing around the room, playing her usual game, looking for something different or out of place, refusing to give up her control of the moment. Nothing had changed. Almost every day for the past year she came to this office, and every day it was the same, every day, every damn day, the same. Nothing changed, except those glasses and the occasional wisp of hair.

Kade watched her doctor as he laid his glasses carefully on the desk. She knew he was fighting to control his frustration with her lack of cooperation. She had to leave. She would pretend. She would change. Dr. Bradshaw would think he had won.

“Okay, Doctor. I’ll talk,” Kade said with unused anger spilling out of her voice, her body leaning forward as her hands gripped the chair arms, “but first, I have a question for you."

Buy Links:

Author Bio:

I am a writer. I can’t tell you how much I love saying those four words. I’ve always been a writer. I’m fascinated by the power of a single word. As an educator, well crafted words got me what I wanted, what I needed for my children, teachers, staff, parents, my building, and, of course, for myself.

Now I write fiction stories inspired by a lifetime of observations, experiences, dreams, and what-ifs. I surround myself with other writers: Ozark Romance Writers, Ozark Writers League, Springfield Writers Guild, Sleuth’s Inc, Sisters in Crime, and Mystery Writers of America. I sit on the board of Missouri Writers Hall of Fame. I participate in the annual Writers Hall of Fame Writers Workshop. The mission is to award scholarships to talented high school seniors and to recognize students in grades 5 through 12 for their writing skills. To fulfill the mission I’m involved with selecting a professional writer with significant contributions to receive the Quill Award at an annual Gala.

I’m a lifetime member of Missouri State Teachers Association and the National Education Association. My career as an educator was in Springfield, Missouri where I taught at four elementary schools (Delaware, Holland, Horace Mann, and Eugene Field) and served as principal at two (Weaver and Alice Pittman). Later I became a consultant for Springfield Public Schools and taught reading at Drury University. I loved those years, all those children, all those memories.

Now I write. I bring to this new job passion and the ability to set missions and goals. To be a writer, you have to know yourself. I’m good at climbing out of the tough valleys that life brings; I believe that I can make the tough valleys of others easier with my stories. I want to make a positive difference. I believe my first novel, A Gentle Sun Coming, will do that. My agent, Jeanie C. Loiacono, Loiacono Literary Agency, LLC. and Madison Connors, Front Porch Romance is marketing it now. Take a look at their web site and find my name under Clients. I’m at work on my second novel, A Raging Storm Coming.

When I’m not sitting in my downstairs office with the window onto my yard, I’m off on another trip (LOVE to travel!), out working in my flowers, taking long walks, playing tennis, lunching with the girls, soaking in my tub, playing bridge with long-time friends, curled up with a good book (and maybe a small glass of wine), or entertaining friends and family. Ah, my family! When I’m counting my blessings, I begin with my husband, Larry Wakefield (my childhood sweetheart) and my wonderful family: son Allen and his wife Lisa, son Scott, deceased, and six grandchildren.

Am I happy? Yes. I used to say that teaching was the best job in the world. I loved being a teacher. But I have to tell you that realizing my second dream–becoming a full time writer–is even better than I expected. It’s hard work. I can’t get enough.

~Meet the characters~

Kade Turner was born in San Francisco to wealthy parents.  She flew through grade school with ease and perfect grades.  She was appreciated and well known in high school.  She excelled in every activity or event in high school.  Kade was well-liked but not popular.  There wasn’t time in her schedule for friendships or dates.  She attended Stanford University with the intent of earning a degree in art.  Since she was expected to marry well, the choice of her degree was unimportant. Her parents were pleased with their daughter as she met every expectation until Kade fell in love with a poor but promising biologist, Ken Turner.  Her parents refused to forgive her when she married.  They remained unable to forgive Kade even when Clint, their only grandchild was born. 

From the outside looking in, Kade Turner had the perfect marriage, the perfect child, and the perfect life, or so she believed until one day when a phone call shattered her world.  After that, she’s alive.  Nothing more.  But somewhere deep inside of her, a tiny spark of toughness and courage remained and it grew.  She would never be the same person again, but maybe, just maybe, there was a life to be lived that would bring her new joy and save the lives of others.  Just maybe.

Dr. Luke Bradshaw was born and grew up in Dallas, Texas to hard-working parents that cherished all of their children.  Luke grew up loving and close to his parents and siblings.  That didn’t change as the children became adults and moved from the family home.  Luke loved school, his teachers and a few close studious friends.  They discussed their classes, books, girls, and how to get the best scholarships.  As a result, he had a choice of universities.  After careful study he chose the David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California in Los Angeles.  He never had a regret.  His internship brought new focus and understanding of what he wanted to do with his life.  His mission became to bring joy and laughter into the lives of those emotionally unable to function or be productive.  He thrived on discovery and returning patients to a productive life style.  He completed his education and moved into private practice.  As his success grew he became the leading psychiatric doctor at Benjamin Brooks Hospital and Mental Clinic in Las Angeles.  

Dr. Bradshaw was divorced from his wife, Teague Bradshaw, after seven years.  He covered his heartbreak well following his own practices to seek a return to happiness.  Regardless of his resistance to new love, he falls in love with a patient that even he doesn’t see any progress.  Yet, fate is a factor in any life, and his is no exception.  Life is not as he expected.


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Giveaway * KaLyn Cooper...Explosive Combination!

It is my pleasure to welcome the lovely and talented KaLyn Cooper to my blog today! KaLyn is a Liquid Silver Books pub buddy and wonderful person and I do hope you check out her awesome new book. She has kindly offered to give away a copy today. Comment below for a chance to win it!

Explosive Combination

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Heat level: Spicy – explicit sex, violence, language

Publisher: Liquid Silver Books for eBook

Release Date: March 3rd


With A Little Help From My Friends

Okay, with a LOT of help from my friends! The debut of Explosive Combination is the launch of my career as a romance writer and I couldn’t have done it without the assistance of some of the most wonderful, kind-hearted women in the world…published romance writers.

I have written five non-fiction books and met some of the most self-consumed, aggrandizing, pompous, back-stabbing, (I’m sure I can think of more adjectives but you get the idea) authors who write what they consider the most important books on the planet.

Fortunately, I stepped out of the role of corporate public relations writer and to my amazement I was enveloped into the truly caring arms of romance writers. They unhesitatingly encouraged me and guided me through the quagmire of the publishing world. Many became critique partners, others good friends, and they showed me the light in their hearts that shines through their characters.

But my debut didn’t happen overnight and I didn’t get here alone.

A few years ago, after listening to more than 300 romance novels while I stapled up insulation, laid tile, and painted our nineteenth home, I had an epiphany. Yes, not only that tile and marble is heavy and painting over my head on a nine-foot ladder makes my shoulders ache, but I realized I preferred stories that left me feeling good, satisfied that the characters were happy with their situation and each other in the end.

So I made my decision. I was a professional writer, I could do this. I could write romance novels. While Macho Marine was working out of the country, I spent my evenings in front of the computer writing several stories. Although not the first story completed, Explosive Combination is the first published.

With the help of Deborah Grace Staley, Lori Foster who introduced me to Monette Michaels, Duffy Brown who literally wrapped her arm around me after my first crash and burn with an agent pitch, and the list of those compassionate and helpful romance authors grows every day. Today, my thanks goes to Rosanna Leo for sharing her space on the Internet, her friends and her readers with me.

It has taken two and a half years to reach this debut and I couldn’t have done it without the help of my new friends. My sincere “Thank you!” goes to all romance writers and to all the readers who enjoy our happy endings.

In Explosive Combination, Harper Tambini is kidnapped and escapes with the help of undercover CIA agent Rafe Silva. As they are chased across Colombia will time run out before they can both overcome their past and commit to the lust ignited within them both? Pick up your copy of Explosive Combination today at one of the links listed below.



KaLyn Cooper’s romances blend fact and fiction with blazing heat and heart-pounding suspense. Twenty-two years as a military wife has shown KaLyn the world, and thirty years in PR taught her that fact can be stranger than fiction. She leaves it up to the reader to separate truth from imagination. She, her husband, and bird dog live in Tennessee on a micro-plantation filled with gardens, cattle, and quail. When she’s not writing, she’s at the shooting range or on the river.



Separately, Harper Tambini and Rafe Silva are lethal…together, they’re explosive.

ATF Special Agent Harper Tambini is kidnapped by a Colombian drug lord and forced to use her explosives knowledge to kill his competition before she can escape with the help of undercover CIA agent Rafe Silva. As they make their way through the rivers, mountains and jungles, their desire for each other detonates. But Harper reminds Rafe of his murdered fiancée, and the shadow world he wants to leave. Harper learned the hard way that men never stay, so now she doesn’t keep them around long enough to see if the sparks can light a fire that will last forever. In their short time together, can they crystalize a relationship, or will it all blow up?


Enter to Win a FREE copy of Explosive Combination

Comment or post here and you are automatically entered to win a free copy of Explosive Combination. LIKE and Follow KaLyn’s Facebook page, Twitter or email her to be entered. Winner will be drawn at random on March 15th.




Use discount code PYQ4X6YR for 10% OFF - Only at





*Coming Soon. Not available as of this posting. Although released March 3, it sometimes takes a few days for other sites to upload it. Please try this site again. J



Twitter: @KaLynCooperbooks


Tags: romance, romantic suspense, ATF, CIA, SEAL, U.S. Navy, Navy, military, kidnap, Explosive Combination, KaLyn Cooper



Harper heard the click of her door unlocking. Knowing her role as his pretend lover, she ran to the door. “Who’s there?’

“It’s me.” Rafe strolled in as if he had the right to her room, and her.

In nothing but dark silk boxers riding low on narrow hips, he was outlined in yellow by the dim hall lights. His broad shoulders filled the doorway. As he moved toward her, light caught raised pectoral muscles and flashes of well-defined six-pack abs. His swagger defined testosterone in motion. He was a specimen of pure male confidence and dominance.

He addressed the guards at the door. “Take a break. I’ll let you know when you need to come back. I’m going to enjoy my woman for a while.” He left the door open enough for his guards to watch as he claimed Harper, yanking her into his arms and covering her mouth with his.

His kiss was heaven and sin wrapped in one hard body. And he was hard everywhere.

Rafe slipped his hands around her, and she felt their heat through the thin silk of her nightgown. Intensity built quickly within her, and she grabbed his head, shoving her fingers through his silky dark curls. He pulled her forcefully against his body, but she didn’t resist. No man had ever made her feel this way so fast.

At the click of the door, Harper tried to shove Rafe back, but his solid body didn’t move. She had to get away from him before she lost her senses, so she stepped out of his embrace.

“That should get them talking.” Her voice was roughened, but she kept it low. “The whole compound will know you were in my room by breakfast.” She walked over to the nightstand and pulled a bottle of chilled water from an ice bucket. She needed to cool down, from the inside out. She cracked the seal, chugged down half of it, and then set it on the nightstand. “I’m going to bed…and to sleep.”