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Reviews for For the Love of a God:

Review from Hearts on Fire Reviews:
"First off, let me state that I am a very happily married woman. So when I say that I want an Eryx for myself, that is saying something about him. This is a fun romp with gods and mortals, with a female character I liked so much....There are just little things that made me laugh (Eric trying to hide a “massive hard-on behind a floor lamp”, I mean how big IS that thing?) and there were things that were sad (Chloe, Maia’s loneliness) and it’s all put together in a quirky, very fun read. Very recommended."

Review from Night Owl Reviews:
"Rosanna Leo breathes life into a fantastic myth and makes it so believable you cannot help but be swept away....I love the rollercoaster of emotions this story had me on, from laughter to tears of joy and sorrow. I am a complete sucker for a great mythology based plotline and this one was fun. This is a great by the pool read.
Warning: You might get caught up in all the fantasy!"

Reviews for Sweet Hell:

Leanna from Two Lips:
"Having been a fan of Greek mythology since childhood, I wasn’t sure what Ms. Leo would bring to the table with Sweet Hell. Well douse me with ambrosia and call me Cupid, this was one heck of a take on the life and times of the Greek God of wine."

Reviews for Up in Flames:
Review from The Romance Reviews:
"UP IN FLAMES was a pleasant read with characters that were interesting. I found myself giggling with Juliet's family; they were something else....The sparks between the two main characters is hot; it seemed that they could not get enough of each other, each time they were alone, they explored each other with great intensity. This is a delightful read for a nice relaxing afternoon....Pick up this book today and get lost in the flames of passion."

Review from Coffee Time Romance:
"Up In Flames is a sizzling story of lust raging out of control. Shane and Juliet are wonderful characters meant to appear as ordinary people in any small town....I highly enjoyed reading Up In Flames and witnessing the talent of Rosanna Leo."

Review from Kiru Taye of The Nuthouse Scribblers:
"Can I just say this; I enjoyed reading this book. Absolutely....this is a feel-good heart-warming sizzling story which I enjoyed reading and would happily recommend.  Yummy in a hot way. Buy it. Read it."

Review from Night Owl Reviews
"This was an enjoyable romance. The characters of Juliet and Shane were fully developed and the book held my attention....I loved the fact that Shane in contrast to Juliet's cheating ex, was a man with real depth in character and personality, not just someone with great looks."

Reviews for The Selkie:

Guilty Indulgence Ultimate Indulgence Book Award 

The Romance Reviews also nominated The Selkie as Best Paranormal Romance of 2012!

Reviews for Sunburn:

Review from The BookChick with Kick:
"I love Leo's books because she shows a different side to Greek mythology and the pantheon. The gods aren't depicted as toga and laurel leaf wearing ancients with dated speech and ideals. Nope! Her gods have all the characteristics and powers of the "ancient" deities without the staid personas. Seriously...Artemis was wearing skinny jeans! LOL.
This book was both entertaining and sweet and I enjoyed reading every minute of it."

Review from Julie's Book Review Blog:
"Rosanna, this one made me cry. I love Apollo!"

Reviews for Predator's Kiss:

Review from The Book Fairy:
"Favourite line(s) “Was that one of the reasons he’d played Winnie-the-Pooh with her? To make her like him so she’d stay?”
AND I HAD to add this one too
“Did I happen to mention how much I like honey?”
Predator's Kiss was a yummy shifter story but, instead of wolves it has bears!!"

Review from t'irla's talk:
"In this first book of a wonderful new series Rosanna Leo has a hit on her hands. The book is a great easy read but offered the reader depth of characters with enough detail to make you understand the sibling relationship between the two brothers but also feel the love underneath the natural rivalry of two different personalities."

Top Pick Review winner from Night Owl Romance:
" Predator`s Kiss did not disappoint in any way. The story is fully engaging, and it kept me hooked from page 1 on."

Reviews for Predator's Fire:

Top Pick/5 stars from The Romance Reviews:
"There is never a dull moment in this story and I was enthralled from the very beginning with the captivating Gemini Island Shifters, the suspense, the passion and some charming fun along the way that spiced things up nicely. Needless to say, I am very much looking forward to reading the next one."

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