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A new blog for a new Rosanna!

I'd like to thank everyone who has been kind enough to follow this blog, especially those wonderful peeps who nurtured me at its inception, when I really had no clue what blogging was about. Your support is appreciated.

However, after some deliberation, I've decided to make a move to Wordpress, seeing as my group blog Love, Lust and Laptops, and other circles stem from Wordpress as well. The new site is up and running, packed with my book info, and simply awaits some lovely followers.

The address is:

I would love to see you follow me there as well. For now, this blog will direct people to the new site, but any new posts will be scheduled for the new blog. I think it's got a more professional look, interesting capabilities and will set the stage for a lot of naughty fun.

I hope to see you there soon!

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Menage is not enough.

My readers may be aware I am currently working on the latest book in the Gemini Island Shifters series. As they may know as well, this one is a menage.

Believe it or not, it's not my first attempt at literary threesomes. In fact, would you believe Predator's Kiss and Predator's Serenade were originally plotted as a menage for Ryland, Soren and Lia? I'm glad Liquid Silver Books gave me some crucial feedback early on and I was able to redo those romances and create the books we know and love.

However, this next one is most definitely a menage and was always planned that way. Killian Moon from book 5 has two twin brothers Percy and Byron. From their inception, I just knew they needed to be the P and B in a yummy P&B sandwich, so to speak. And I can tell you I've been enjoying writing this one, establishing the relationships and seeing how they unfold.

Of course, menages can be very sexy romances, and if readers are to be believed, they are certainly popular. However, in writing this one, I am learning it's not enough to throw a bunch of arms and legs together and to add in a few well-placed thrusts. You need a plausible story, too.

I've always found menage romances can be a little slim on plot. After all, when you have three main characters, you need to explore three sets of motivations, wants and wounds. That's not easy to do when things are happening outside the love relationship. Not easy, but essential in my mind. I want my readers to remember this one for more than just the sex.

It's important to me as well that these twins not be cookie cutters. I want each of them to stand out, to the heroine Suzan and to the reader. And because my boys are twins, this is uppermost in mind as I write. Each man must have quirks and needs and mannerisms.

If anything, while there is hot sex involved, I don't think I've gone overboard. Like any of my romances, I am trying hard not to be gratuitous with the physical expression of love. Yes, Percy and Byron are focused on pleasing their woman, but they must do so while Gemini Island is threatened in the worst way possible.

So, there will be arms and legs...and hopefully a few penises too...but hopefully I've given you a whole lot more as well.

Friday, 27 February 2015

Felicity Heaton...Bitten by a Hellcat!

I'm thrilled to welcome bestselling author Felicity Heaton today! As a special treat for you, she is offering a copy of Kissed by a Dark Prince to one lucky reader who comments here. 


Bitten by a Hellcat, the sixth book in New York Times best-seller Felicity Heaton’s hot paranormal romance series, Eternal Mates, is now available in ebook and paperback. To celebrate the release, she’s holding a FANTASTIC GIVEAWAY at her website and sharing sneak peeks of the book. This book works as a standalone, so it’s perfect for those new to the series too.

Find out how to enter the Bitten by a Hellcat international giveaway (ends March 1st) and be in with a shot of winning a $75, $50 or $25 gift certificate at her website, where you can also download a 5 chapter sample of the novel:  

Here’s more about Bitten by a Hellcat, including an excerpt from this paranormal romance book.

Bitten by a Hellcat (Eternal Mates Romance Series Book 6)
Felicity Heaton
The sole remaining member of the most famous shifter hunter family in history, Owen Nightingale is a mercenary and a man with a secret held in his closely guarded heart, but when a beautiful rare shifter catches his eye and offers him a job, he has the feeling he’ll be the one paying for helping her—with his heart.

Cait is in a spot of trouble with a capital T. A male hellcat has set his sights on claiming her and she’s one kitty who doesn’t want a collar. When she meets a dark, alluring and mysterious hunter, she sees a chance to rid herself of the male, but the price Owen sets and the fierce passion that burns white-hot between them lures her dangerously under his seductive spell.

Can Owen discover the true intent of the male hellcat and stop Cait from falling into his hands? And can Cait retain control as the heat of desire burns between her and Owen, or will a reckless moment seal both of their fates forever?

Bitten by a Hellcat is available from Amazon Kindle, Kobo Books, Barnes and Noble Nook, Apple iBooks stores and other retailers. Also available in paperback. Find the links to your preferred retailer at:

Bitten by a Hellcat – Excerpt
Owen closed the door, rounded the compact car and slid into the driver’s seat. He twisted at the waist and put his bag on the back seat, and then put the key into the ignition and started the car. The engine growled to life and he flicked the switch for the lights, checked the road and pulled out. He tugged his seatbelt on as he drove and glanced across at Cait.

“Buckle up.” He waited to see she was doing as instructed, tugging the slim black belt across her chest, before returning his focus to the road.

It was quiet, the night drawing on, making it easy going as he navigated the short journey deep into an affluent neighbourhood near the centre of London.

Cait’s eyes grew wider by the moment as she stared out of the windows, taking in the buildings. When he drove through large black wrought iron gates, her eyes shot impossibly wide and she looked across at him. He kept his eyes on the road, unwilling to field her silent question, slowing the car as he drove through the rows of beautiful pale townhouses.

He turned left down another side road where the biggest houses were located and pulled the car into a reserved parking spot outside his one. Cait was still staring at him. He turned the engine off, undid his seatbelt, gathered his bag, and stepped out of the car.

She followed him a moment later, her eyebrows pinned high on her forehead as she finally looked away from him, her gaze settling on the huge four storey Georgian townhouse behind him.

“What you pictured?” he said before locking the car and turning his back on her. He strode towards the short black iron gate, opened it and glanced over his shoulder at her.

She hurried towards him, her eyes flitting between him and the house.

It was too big for him.

He used the sum total of five rooms out of the possible fourteen.

“This is yours?” She spoke at last, her gaze on the white townhouse, slowly drifting up the height of it.

Owen walked up the path, took the steps up to the covered porch with its Grecian columns, and unlocked the wide black wooden door. He pushed it open, proving it was his.

“It belongs to my family,” he said as way of an explanation when she looked at him again. “It costs a small fortune to run, but I haven’t been able to bring myself to part with it.”

“You grew up here.” It wasn’t a question. She looked him right in the eye as she said it, her expression sober, and he nodded.

It wasn’t often he met someone who could see straight through him as Cait could. Most people didn’t seem to understand him at all.

The humans he met who weren’t hunters, and therefore were unaware of the world of fae and demons that co-existed with theirs, weren’t worth his time. He had nothing he could talk about with them, not as normal people did. He couldn’t gripe about his work week over a beer with a buddy. The hunters avoided him because he wasn’t aligned with any of the organisations they worked for and only exchanged information when it suited them.

The fae and demons preferred to keep him at arm’s length because of his profession.

The only people he could really talk to and who had ever understood him were his family, and those who had been closest to him were dead now. He had a handful of relatives remaining, mostly from his mother’s side, and he rarely saw them.

“You live here alone.” Cait’s soft voice drew him out of his thoughts and he sighed as he looked at her where she now stood on the porch beside him, close enough that he could smell her sweet perfume on the night breeze.

He nodded again. “I keep most of the rooms closed and use just the ones I need… bathroom, bedroom… living room… kitchen. I did make one of the other reception rooms into a gym and training room.”

She looked as if she was on the verge of saying it sounded lonely, so he turned his back on her, stepped into the hall and switched on the lights. Thankfully, she took the hint and remained silent as she entered behind him and closed the door.

Owen locked it and pocketed his keys. “Come on. I’ll get you settled in the living room.”

He led the way up the wooden staircase to the first floor and the large pale blue room he used for his living room. He grimaced as he realised he had left it in a worse state than he had thought.

Cait drifted past him before he could say anything in warning, a twinkle in her eyes as they danced over all of the weapons spread across the large oak table on the left side of the room, and all the knickknacks he had left strewn across the square wooden coffee table nestled in the U of his three black leather couches in front of the fireplace.

She ambled around the room and he watched her as she allowed her fingers to drift over a few items on the coffee table and checked out some of his weapons.

“It looks very much as I had expected in here.” She lifted her eyes away from the crossbow she held and smiled across the room at him. “I imagined weapons and books.”

She looked around at the stacked bookcases that lined the wall to his right between the tall sash windows and the one behind him, and then down at the sheets of paper, notepads, and newspapers stacked haphazardly on a smaller coffee table beside an armchair.

“Although… it has an air of bachelor about it too.” Her smile teased him and he shrugged.

She hadn’t seen his bedroom.

If she thought this room looked like a bachelor owned it, she was in for a shock if she set eyes on his inner sanctum.

Her blue eyes drifted over the couches and then roamed back to him, gaining a dark edge of desire that set his pulse pounding and left him feeling she might just want to see that inner sanctum.

He was damned if she was going to see it as it was though.

He wasn’t sure how hellcats lived, or what accommodation they were used to, but he was fairly certain that as a woman she wasn’t impressed by clothes strewn across the floor, unmade beds, and several empty take out cartons, and that was exactly what his bedroom contained.

“You seem to favour magic.” Cait set the crossbow down and Owen stared at her, his heart pounding for a different reason as he took in what she had said. When she frowned and gestured to all the knickknacks covering the coffee table, his gaze leaped there and his heart settled. “The items… they’re magic aren’t they?”

Owen quickly nodded. “I get them in the fae town nearby. Some I use, others are just part of a collection.”

He backed towards the door.

“You like magic?” She looked at him again.

Owen took another step backwards and gave a noncommittal shrug in answer.

“I have to get changed and get some stuff together. Make yourself comfortable.”

He turned and walked out of the room, feeling her gaze boring into his back, intense and focused, as if she was trying to strip away the layers of his defences to uncover a truth he preferred to keep hidden.

A secret he’d had for most of his life and had kept from his father.

A secret only one living person in this world knew.

Bitten by a Hellcat is available from Amazon Kindle, Kobo Books, Barnes and Noble Nook, Apple iBooks stores and other retailers. Also available in paperback.

Find all the links, a fantastic 4 chapter downloadable sample of the book, and also how to enter the giveaway and be in with a shot of winning a $75, $50 or $25 gift certificate at her website:

Books in the Eternal Mates paranormal romance series:

About Felicity Heaton:
Felicity Heaton is a New York Times and USA Today international best-selling author writing passionate paranormal romance books. In her books, she creates detailed worlds, twisting plots, mind-blowing action, intense emotion and heart-stopping romances with leading men that vary from dark deadly vampires to sexy shape-shifters and wicked werewolves, to sinful angels and hot demons! If you're a fan of paranormal romance authors Lara Adrian, J R Ward, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Gena Showalter and Christine Feehan then you will enjoy her books too.

If you love your angels a little dark and wicked, the best-selling Her Angel series is for you. If you like strong, powerful, and dark vampires then try the Vampires Realm series or any of her stand-alone vampire romance books. If you’re looking for vampire romances that are sinful, passionate and erotic then try the best-selling Vampire Erotic Theatre series. Or if you prefer huge detailed worlds filled with hot-blooded alpha males in every species, from elves to demons to dragons to shifters and angels, then take a look at the new Eternal Mates series.

If you want to know more about Felicity, or want to get in touch, you can find her at the following places:

Amazon UK:
Amazon DE:
Amazon CA:
Amazon AU:

iBooks US:
iBooks UK
iBooks AU:
iBooks CA
iBooks NZ:

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Marianne Rice...False Start!

Oh, how I adore helping an author celebrate her first release! After all, it wasn't long ago I was in the same position. And today I get to applaud the lovely Marianne Rice, whose debut romance False Start, released with Liquid Silver Books this week.

Welcome, Marianne!

Thank you, Rosanna, for giving me this opportunity to introduce myself. I’m a pretty normal person. I don’t have weird quirks or obsessions. I call myself...well-rounded. I have a full-time job, three active kids, a busy husband, amazing friends, a writing career, a cake decorating hobby-sometimes-business, an over-flowing library of books, and love, love, love to hostess any and all events, parties, holidays, name it. I take on a lot, but I like to stay busy. Addicted? No. Busy? Yes. 

To me, an addiction is one thing you simply can't live without. I don't...oh, wait. Well, chocolate doesn't count, right? It's not like I HAVE to have it, but it is nice to have a delectable morsel (chunk) after a meal. And if there isn't any chocolate in the house (like I would ever allow that to happen) I have been known to break out the flour and sugar and lemon and whip up some other satisfying dessert. (Lemon squares anyone? Butterscotch oatmeal cookies will suffice too). So, see? I'm not a chocolate addict.

And reading. No, I'm not addicted. Just because I hide my paperback, Kindle, iPad or iPhone (yeah, I read on that, too) when my husband comes in the house and pretend like I'm straightening the couch cushions doesn't mean I have a reading problem. Reading over 150 books last year means I'm well read, not addicted.

Facebook? No, I can totally go a day or two without creeping, I mean reading posts and posting pictures. Instead I'll cruise through Twitter or TSU, search for hotties on Pinterest, or Google my favorite authors and read their blogs. Nope. No technology addictions either. 

And don’t event think about classifying my shoe collection as an addiction. Just because I have over thirty pairs of shoes in varying color, heel height and style for each season and occasion (yeah, if you do the math that may add up to a bit), just because when building our home fifteen years ago we designed my—I mean our—walk-in closet around my shoes doesn’t mean it’s a problem. I mean, seriously. Don’t most stores have a sign in their window that says, “No shoes. No shirt. No service”? Which means I need to have an array of clothing as well. See? Perfectly normal.

So I guess it depends on your definition of addiction. The word is so harsh. It's not like I'd go bat a$$ crazy if I was stranded on a deserted island and didn't have shoes. Barefoot in the sand is bliss. And no chocolate or sweets, or books to read, or social media? Nope. I'd be perfectly...oh son of a nutcracker! 

Know of a good therapist?

I’d love to connect with you on Facebook and share my other not-so addictions.

I guess everyone has their issues, especially the characters in my debut novel, False Start.

Here’s a snippet of page one:

“We need to talk.”
Startled by the deep growl, Meg Fulton looked up to the towering stack of testosterone filling her office doorway and cursed the butterflies that fluttered in her stomach.
She straightened her posture, ran her hand through her thick hair in an attempt to put all the strays back in place, and then reached for the lapels of the suit coat that wasn’t there. She felt vulnerable in her silk tank top and wished she had an extra layer to shield her from the menacing daggers targeted at her. Putting on the jacket would only make a spectacle of herself. The thin tank would have to do.
“Sure. Have a seat.” She crossed her legs and attempted to smile. Inwardly, Meg groaned. Connor McKay. She’d noticed him on the football field coaching his athletes and had not looked forward to the expected confrontation.
He remained in the doorway, making no move toward the empty seats across from her desk. His blond hair was short, barely longer than the scruff on his face, and as she looked up she saw his eyes—a fierce, fiery blue filled with accusation and something that ranged between confusion and lust.

Download your copy of False Start today.

For all other buy links, visit my website:

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"Sing, dammit!" Music in my romances.

I suppose it was inevitable. The music world has invaded my literary world.

What do I mean? Well, some of you may know I used to be a classical singer. For a good chunk of my life, I studied music. Indeed, there were days when I felt Mozart, Bach and Beethoven were my closest confidantes. I sang professionally for a couple of years, singing soprano for a well-known Toronto chamber ensemble. It was an exhilarating experience...but not for me in the end.

Sadly, it took me a few years to realize I didn't want to be a singer. I do miss the music, being able to create beautiful sounds in an ensemble, but I don't miss the environment. After writing in secret for many years, I came to the conclusion writing was a passion I could no longer deny.

I knew I'd use my musical experiences in my books at some point. Music was simply too much a part of my life for me to dismiss it outright. However, for the most part, those experiences remained tucked away in my brain.

All of a sudden, they have burst onto the scene again. It occurs to me three, not one but three, of my heroines can now say music is a part of their lives. Heroine Winn from The Stand-In is a Broadway-style actor who loves musicals. Well, at the start of the book anyway.


In addition to Winn, I have two artsy heroines who will feature in books that are soon to be released.

Firstly, there is Kate Callender, the heroine of my upcoming contemporary with Samhain Publishing, Vice.  Kate is actually a radio jingle singer but her passion is torch songs.

And then I have Renata Bruno, the heroine of Night Lover. This paranormal has recently been submitted to a publisher and I eagerly await the response. Renata is most like me in that she is a classical soprano with a chamber ensemble.

Did I intend to write so many artistic heroines? No. Did it feel right to pen them this way? Golly, yes. Being able to draw upon my experiences in the singing world really allowed me to get to the hearts of these characters. I felt their dreams, understood their disappointments and craved their successes. I lived these women.

That being said, I did work hard not to make them carbon copies of each other. Winn, Kate and Renata are definitely different in many ways and so are their stories. Their heroes are unique, their conflicts even more so.

They say "write what you know." For a long time, I resisted allowing the world of music into my literary works. However, it seems those memories have a life of their own and they needed telling. And if I've learned anything as an author, it's that one must listen carefully to one's Muse.

She won't always speak in such clear terms.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Belle Maurice...Sacked by the Quarterback!

I'm so pleased to welcome a fellow Liquid Silver Books author today, Belle Maurice. Liquid Silver has a hot series entitled Afternoon Delights and Belle's Sacked By the Quarterback is one of the featured stories.

She's here with a blog about bullying and an interesting moment she experienced in South Korea.
Welcome, Belle!


Once upon a time in South Korea, I taught kindergarten. My co-teacher came to me one day and said, “I got a call from Victoria’s mother last night.” Victoria had a tendency to chew her words. Don’t get me wrong, six months of English immersion kindergarten with me and my peerless co-teacher Helen, Victoria could speak English on par with an American five year old.

An American five year old who doesn’t speak too clearly.

So I’m standing in my classroom with the kids and Helen. The kids are at their tables on the far side of the room and we’re by our desks with a little bit of privacy, but the kids do speak English when Helen says, “Victoria said Chelsea is calling her Big Tongue Toria.”

Name calling is not nice. Bullying is bad.

But seriously, the kid made a joke in a second language and it was GOOD.

I snorted before I could press my lips together to keep the rest of my gales of laughter in. Then I got it together because I had to take Chelsea in the hall and explain to her that we don’t call people names. Though I really wished I could have congratulated her on her cleverness, she was using it for evil.

In new release, Sacked By the Quarterback, Sonny Black commits an act of bullying that dogs him through his career until he finds the woman he betrayed and makes it up to her. Chelsea made it up to Victoria because I assigned them to sit together and they had no choice but to learn to cooperate. I just hope Chelsea held onto that great sense of humor and that she never used to for evil again.

Sonny Black was the star quarterback in high school who couldn't possibly be in love with the geekiest girl in school, Mandy Daws. He'd been seeing her under the guise of chemistry tutoring, but when his buddies found out there was a little more going on, he lied and said she was a slut, wrecking her life and earning her enduring hatred. Eleven years later, Sonny is the star quarterback headed for the Super Bowl despite amazing bad luck that has earned him the nickname Sonny Black Cloud. When someone mentions that the bad luck must stem from someone he failed in the past, the first name that comes to mind is Mandy's. He tracks her down at the small university where she teaches chemistry and tries to seduce, beg, or win her forgiveness, and he needs it before the Super Bowl. 


“First of all, I have every right to still be pissed at you. Second, me accepting your apology will not change the stupid things that happen to you on the field.”
“How can you be sure? I have great defenders and I still have the highest sack rate of any quarterback in the NFL. My passes get dropped more frequently. Every time something goes wrong the media resurrects that fumble at the snap from last season.”
“The one where the ball bounced off your fingers three times before you dropped it and all the other players just stared at you?” Mandy snickered and reached for her computer mouse. “I loved that one. I have the gif on my hard drive.”
“I don’t need to see it.”
“I do.” She opened the hard drive and scrolled down the list.
Sonny put his hand over hers.
Mandy’s breath stopped in her throat. God, she had forgotten how electric that felt. In high school, Sonny had been everything she wasn’t. Popular, confident, easy going, calm. Endlessly sexy. Only two girls in their class hadn’t had crushes on him. Of the two, one knew even then she was a lesbian. The other one figured it out later.
“Please don’t play that gif.”
Mandy jerked her hand away from his successfully yanking the mouse onto the floor. She bent over to grab it, but Sonny beat her to it. He’d crouched and reached around her. Bad luck had made him flexible and quicker to react. Any other player plagued by the accidents he’d had wouldn’t have a career at all, let alone be a star player.
He stayed in the crouch as he handed her the mouse, staring up at her with his breathtaking hazel eyes. “I missed you, Mandy.”
“If this is part of you trying to get me to forgive you—” The scent wafting off him was not Irish Springs. It was spicy and hot, and very welcome.
“It’s not.” He put his hands on her knees and Mandy cursed the impulse that had her in a skirt today. His long fingers traced under her hem. “I missed you. You were special.”
“You know what they say about your first.”
“You weren’t my first.”
Mandy bit her lip. He was hers and saying that nobody else measured up was an understatement. Even at seventeen he’d been gentle and generous during sex.
Not so generous in the school hallway though.
“I never should have let you get away.” He skimmed his thumb to the inside of her knee.
“Why? Did you fail chemistry in college?” Her breath was getting short and she couldn’t stop it. The sensation of his thumb between her knees spiraled heat through her body. She could remember the way the leather seats in the back of his father’s car had felt on her bare ass and the texture of his football jersey clutched in her hands.
“You can’t hate me that much.”
“You’d be surprised.”
He slid his hand under her skirt. “Then let me make it up to you.”
“It’s going to take a lot.”
His hand slipped higher on her thigh. She could see the movement of his fingers under her the fabric of her skirt and she swallowed.
“I’m already on my knees.”

Monday, 16 February 2015

Sneak peek at the next Gemini Island Shifters book

Hi friends. As you may know, I've been hard at work on the next installment of the Gemini Island Shifters series.

With a working title of Predator's Trinity, I hope to bring Percy and Byron Moon's story to light soon. The boys are struggling, with the rest of the Ursa Lodge cast, in a quest to rid themselves of the menace that is cult leader August Crane. To make things trickier, the Moon twins are falling for the same woman, a human librarian named Suzan Marsh. Percy and Byron have always dreamed of sharing a woman, but menages have not worked for them in the past.

Oh, and there's another wee problem. Villain August Crane wants her too.

Here's a sneek peak at the book. I hope you enjoy this unedited snippet.

Predator's Trinity:

     She reached for the fallen book and clutched it to her chest like a shield. “How did you get in? The door’s locked.”
     “I can be resourceful.”
     Okay, Suzi, don’t freak out. She mustered up her best authoritative librarian voice. “I’m going to have to ask you to leave, August.”
     His pale eyes glimmered and his smile widened. In the shadows of evening, his features seemed longer, more canine. In fact, she could swear there was a distinct point to his teeth.
     “Sure, Suzan. I’ll go. Only you’re coming with me.”
     With those words, two more men appeared behind him. Big men. Men whose unfeeling laughter echoed in library, sounding an awful lot like growls.
     “When I asked you to dinner, I thought I was being nice. I’ll be honest with you. I’m not really a take a woman to dinner kind of guy. I prefer to get straight to the point. So let me make this clear. I want you and I’m going to have you. I have plans, you see, and you’re going to help me fulfill them.” August approached with a casual air but stopped short a few feet in front of her. His keen gaze pinned her to his spot and his nostrils inflated, as if he breathed her in. When he exhaled through his mouth, the breath came out on a shaky exhalation. He swallowed. “Your fear. It’s delicious. Intoxicating.”
     She forced her feet into action and took two steps back. “Please.”
     He tilted his head as if regarding a stubborn child. “Now, Suzan, we can do this the easy way or the hard way.”
     The wall to his emotions finally tumbled and evil thoughts swarmed toward her, engulfing her in dread and darkness. As she gaped at him, all she saw was hatred and more hatred. Sinister intent and a love of inflicting pain. Blackness and bile and emptiness. Giving into panic, Suzan threw Love In Chains at him and ran, dashing into the stacks. Screaming for anyone who might hear, she tried to find shelter in her beloved library, already comprehending the futility of her response.
     His cold voice boomed after her. “Awesome. I love the hard way.”
     As she heard his heavy steps behind her, another sound shattered the quiet of the space, one that struck her numb with terror. Trembling, she tried hard to convince herself she hadn’t just heard the howl of a wolf.
 Where can you find the rest of the series? Well, almost everywhere! 
As well as, iBooks, ARE, B&N, Kobo. 

Monday, 9 February 2015

Release day for The Stand-In and a release day party!

I'm thrilled to announce it's release day for my new contemporary romance The Stand-In!

I have been awaiting this day with much anticipation and am so excited to bring this fun and sexy book to you. You can now find it at

Help me celebrate this release today by joining my release day party on Facebook.

From 3-9pmEST, we'll have prizes and giveaways and fun with guest authors Parker Kincade, Tami Lund, Emilia Mancini, KaLyn Cooper and Monette Michaels. I hope you'll join us.

The book is uploading to other sites as we speak.


Barnes & Noble:


It should be at ARE shortly.

Many thanks and see you at the party!

Friday, 6 February 2015

Struggling with my Goodreads presence

I hadn't planned this post.

However, this week I checked the Goodreads page for my yet-to-be-released book The Stand-In (releases Feb. 9) and found a 1-star rating.

Now, I did offer ARC copies to a couple of trusted bloggers who have kindly written thoughtful reviews. I know for a fact who got those ARCs and this person did not. In my mind, this is clearly a case of Goodreads trolling.

I posted a couple of thoughts on Facebook and was met with tremendous support from the reader/author/blogger community.
I sent an email to Goodreads and was told they could do nothing. However, they said they had contacted the reviewer to see if he/she had posted the rating "in error." Of course, this is not the case. And now I sit, wondering if this reader will retaliate in some way.

Now don't get me wrong. Goodreads has been a helpful community in many ways. They have always answered my questions and helped me display my books. The readers I've met there have become devoted supporters and friends.

And then there are the other folks. The ones who really enjoy messing with an author's head.

I'm not saying a person can't give me a legitimate bad rating. If you don't like my book, you don't like my book. But when it's obvious a "reader" has based a rating or review on a blurb of an unreleased story, we have a problem.

In response to my Facebook posts, several fine authors told me they have deleted their author profiles at Goodreads. That they are happier without a presence there. I confess, I am tempted to do the same. It would sadden me because I love maintaining contact with my readers.

However, I cannot afford to use more expensive options like Netgalley and I don't have time to look into numerous other promotional venues. Will I leave Goodreads as an author? I'm still not sure, but my finger is hovering over the "cancel" button.

If this were a case of bullying in a school, the bully would be reprimanded. For some reason, on Goodreads, bullies are tolerated. We, as authors, are told to "develop a thick skin." Believe me. I've written close to 20 books. My skin is fine as it is. It's as thick as it will ever be. I have developed myself to the best of my ability.

Maybe it's time for Goodreads to develop. The bullies won't.

Thursday, 29 January 2015

What does my character want?

Every so often, I share a little bit of the madness behind my writing method. I've talked about outlining and the downfalls of being either a plotter or a pantster. Truth is, when it comes to my own writing, I tend to employ a bit of each method. I've never been hugely successful at outlining down to the minute detail, and honestly, I don't enjoy it. I've always liked having some wiggle room.

Besides, a bit of wiggle in your romance is nice, non?

Unfortunately, too much wiggle room can leave a writer floundering at times. Without clear cut goals and a plot to help you achieve them, a story will meander. This can lead to writer's block, frustration, and the desire to feed one's manuscript through the shredder.

The trick that always puts me back on track is reminding myself of the following question: what does my character want?

It is crucial to establish your hero/heroine's needs and wants before you start writing. For that matter, a writer needs to understand what all her characters want, whether it's the good guys or the bad guys. What drives the character? What leads him to open that door? What possesses her to make small talk with the hunk who fixes her computer? A person's needs and wants, combined with his history and beliefs, will always influence how he reacts in a certain scene. It's not enough we show the hero walking to the store to buy milk. Why is having milk so important in that moment? And why is he headed to the corner store instead of the huge grocery chain? What does he hope to accomplish?

Once we know what a character wants, we can start to mess with his head. A good writer will throw up obstacles and introduce characters who cause tension. I always try to set my romances around a hero and heroine who have differing wants, perhaps even differing values. That's when the sparks fly.

Needs can change throughout the course of a book. Our hero may start his day knowing he wants to buy that carton of milk but he can end up running from a villain who has just held up the corner store. Plots evolve, but if readers don't understand what drives the hero, they won't give a toss about whether or not he succeeds in his goals.

It's not enough for the writer to want. The character must want something, too. And then it's the writer's job not to give it to him, at least not too quickly.

Monday, 26 January 2015

The Stand-In Release Day Party- Feb. 9

Hi friends. As we near the release day for my new contemporary romance The Stand-In, I invite you to participate in the release day party scheduled for Feb. 9.

Set to take place on Facebook, the party will be a blast. I have a wonderful contingent of guest authors to entertain you and we'll all be sharing our news and hot reads. The schedule is as follows:

Feb. 9

3-4pm - Tami Lund
4-5pm - KaLyn Cooper
5-6pm - Parker Kincade
6-7pm - Monette Michaels
7-8pm - Emilia Mancini/Marci Boudreaux
8-9pm - Rosanna Leo

* Please note* all times are in EST.

I know all these wonderful authors will have giveaways and I've got a couple of special things planned as well. This is a great chance to grab some sexy new books and ideas for your TBR list.

Please join us at:

Looking to get The Stand-In at a discount before the party? Simply head over to Liquid Silver Books and order.

I look forward to partying with you!

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Diane Saxon...Short Circuit Time!

I recently had the pleasure of reading Diane Saxon's sweet contemporary Loving Lydia. I am so pleased Diane is here to tell us about her new hot read Short Circuit Time. This talented author has transitioned so beautifully between romantic subgenres and I can't wait to see what she has in store.

Welcome, Diane.

Romancing the Genres

I think I’ve probably mentioned numerous times, I grew up on romances, the first one being read to me by my older sister, Margaret. The Princess Bride – still one of my favourite tales.

Then there were those naughty little Mills and Boon my mother kept on her bookshelf with enticing covers which hinted of passion. Where we lived, we had a mobile library. Every Tuesday we could get 6 more books out and no, I did not choose children’s books specifically, I chose adventure and romance and love and life.

Some of my favourite books are the ones that defy age groups. I was read the Hobbit when I was about seven by a fantastic English teacher. The Lord of the Rings was given as a gift when I was twelve.

But I must admit to enjoying those reads I wasn’t really supposed to have.  When the Lion Feeds, Wilbur Smith. At the age of fourteen, when I picked it up after my dad had finished reading it, he quietly went to my mum and asked if it was appropriate. Her reply – if it’s not, she’ll put it down. I’ve read every Wilbur Smith book since, but I still remember the thrill of that first novel, the great feel of it being just a little bit out of my league.

In recent years, I’ve read prolifically and I’ve found I tend to stick to the same main genre – that of romance. Within this wide genre I have discovered the delights of :
Contemporary - Nora Roberts, Sandra Brown, Anne Stuart, Lori Foster
Humour - Jennifer Cruisie, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Rachel Gibson,
Historical – Julie Garwood, Lisa Kleypas, Julia Quinn, Teresa Medeiros
Fantasy – J R Ward, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Kresley Cole, Gena Showalter
Thrillers – Karen Rose, Julie Garwood, Karin Slaughter
Suspense – Cherry Adair, Linda Howard

Is it any wonder then that I feel the need to romance the genres myself? My first series - Atlantic Divide is Contemporary, with a touch of humour. It currently has three books Loving Lydia, Bad Girl Bill and Finding Zoe

Flight of Her Life is an all-out comedy. A great romp through a short story.
Flynn’s Kiss, the first book in my Disarmed & Dangerous series is a humorous contemporary with a touch of grit and certainly the next in that series, Barbara’s Redemption is even grittier. I’m almost finished that and believe me, the heroine is giving me a hard time.

I loved the historical I wrote for Nanowrimo, Her Captured Groom – a real challenge, and I have to re-look at this again before I can sub it, but worth the effort and I enjoyed it so much, that I currently have Book 2 as a work in progress – Hawk’s Lady.
The great news I have today is I have just signed a contract with Hartwood Publishing for a full length paranormal 75k word novel called Banshee Seduction – Montgomery’s Sin Book 1.
While I was writing Banshee Seduction, I was asked to join several other authors for a Christmas anthology, Paranormally Yours and my contribution was For Heaven’s Cakes – a builder by day, a wolf shape-shifter by night.
So, like my reading choices, I have found in my writing that I am blurring the lines a little in the genres – and loving every moment of it. And just to prove it, here’s my new Sci-Fi, Time Travel Romance.

Short Circuit Time by Diane Saxon
In the year 2086, Zaphira is alone, the last survivor of biological warfare on Earth. Before he died, her scientist father promised other survivors would come. Nobody has. So when a horribly mangled android shows up claiming to be her father’s assistant, Aiden, who has been sent through time to rescue her, she’s both frightened and astounded.
The last time she’d seen Aiden, she’d been sixteen, head-over-heels in love with him and had literally thrown herself at him, leaving her devastated by his rejection and him running for the hills. The following day, she’d been told of his death.
Eight years later he’s miraculously back, this time asking for her help. Without it, he won’t survive. But can she really put a dead man back together with tweezers?
For Aiden, everything has changed. There are no other humans, no government, and time travel has left his new android body unexpectedly weak and suffering from inexplicable genetic changes in eye and hair color, brought about by his molecular shake-up. Unbelievably, the scientist who sent him is dead, and he must rely on the scientist’s daughter to help him. A woman who he’s not so sure has his best interests at heart.
The last time he’d seen her, Zaphira had been a sixteen year old with a dangerous crush on him and he’d been rocked by the turmoil of his own feelings. Now she’s twenty four and literally holds his survival in her hands. Too bad everything he does and says seems to annoy her.
Trusting her might be his undoing. But he is left with no choice.
For Zaphira, getting used to the transformation of old Aiden to android Aiden requires a large mental leap. But when android Aiden starts to rebuild his human form to a new and improved standard, things start to get tricky.
The Aiden she loved as a little girl was her father’s nerdy assistant. The new Aiden is hot. But are her feelings as strong eight years later or are they simply a cherished memory?

She narrowed her eyes and squinted at the skinny geek stumbling backward out of the passenger seat of her father’s car. She’d waited all day for the rumble of the engine of her daddy’s convertible. The old car had a distinct stutter and a sly rev she fantasized was because it had a mind of its own.
She smiled awkwardly, her mouth pulled tight across her braces and she pressed her fingers over her top lip to stop it from catching on the edge, rolling and making her look like a feral cat. Her face ached. They’d tightened the braces again and it hurt so much more this time. The smile dropped from her lips only to ping back up again as the geek caught his shoe on some piece of equipment in the foot well of her daddy’s car. He flipped backward, his gangly arms pin wheeling until he landed on his ass on the floor, minus his shoe.
He whipped his head up and she stepped back from the window hoping he hadn’t heard her girlish giggles. He wouldn’t be impressed. He was so much older and more mature.
Not many would believe he was twelve years her senior. Not with his thick russet hair falling in a boyish flop over his forehead, his fine gold-rimmed glasses perched right on the end of his nose.
Her heart fluttered in her chest as she chanced another peek.
His arms full of equipment, flushed to his hairline, he staggered toward the front door of her home. Adrenaline pumped hot through her veins. She took a few skips toward the hallway, ran back to the window to see her father’s car pulling away from the curbside. Her mother was out. She was the only one there to open the door. She darted back, hesitated, her pulse thrumming in the base of her throat.
A dull thud shuddered the door in its frame and she shot forward, wrenched it open before he did any further damage. His shoulder slid across the oak panel and he shot sideways through the entrance, his skinny limbs racing to keep up with the speed of his body, but to no avail. His foot skidded and down he went. The clatter of laboratory equipment skidding across the wooden floor filled her ears as did his quiet Irish curse.
Stifling another snigger, she crouched to help, casting furtive little glances at him as he came to his knees, straightened his waistcoat and touched his fingers to his bow tie, ensuring it was still there.
“Hi Aiden.”
His deep frown almost made her stutter, but she knew he couldn’t sustain his annoyance. His small nervous cough made her smile.
“Hey.” The sound of his soft, smooth voice made her light-headed and she stopped what she was doing to gaze deep into his eyes.
He pushed his glasses further up his nose and glared at her. Unperturbed, she met his beautiful gaze with a lovesick one of her own.
“Do you need a hand down to the lab?” He dropped his gaze to her mouth. Her speech lisped embarrassingly through her clenched together teeth. She hated her braces, couldn’t wait to have them removed.
Not wanting him to go yet, she piled another few items on top of the ones already in his arms and resisted the urge to stroke her fingers along the sleeve of his tweed jacket.
“Can I get you a coffee?”
“Zaphira…” he sighed, “Thank you, but no. I have work your father wants me to complete. I don’t want to be disturbed.”
Her chest ached. Just a little. The same as it always ached when he rejected her offers.
She bent to pick up Paco, her new puppy, snuggled her face into his thick fur and took comfort from his squirming, plump body as she hugged him close and let him lick sweet kisses across her chin.
Aiden paused at the lab door then glanced at her over his shoulder and her heart hitched again. There. It was there, the glint in his eye. The one that told her every time she was about to give up that there was a spark of interest. There was hope.

Buy Links for Short Circuit Time
About the Author
Diane Saxon lives in the Shropshire countryside with her tall, dark, handsome husband, two gorgeous daughters, a Dalmatian, one-eyed kitten, ginger cat, four chickens and a new black Labrador puppy called Beau, whose name has been borrowed for her hero in For Heaven's Cakes.

After working for years in a demanding job, on-call and travelling great distances, Diane gave it all up when her husband said “follow that dream”.

Having been hidden all too long, her characters have burst forth demanding plot lines of their own and she’s found the more she lets them, the more they’re inclined to run wild.

Previous Books:        

Loving Lydia -Atlantic Divide Book 1
Bad Girl Bill – Atlantic Divide Book 2
Finding Zoe - Atlantic Divide Book 3
Flight of Her Life
Flynn’s Kiss – Disarmed & Dangerous Book 1
For Heaven’s Cakes – Paranormally Yours Anthology