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JP Grider...Maybe This Life.

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Today I'm bringing you an author and a book about which I'm completely excited. This one is already high on my own TBR list, and I'm sure that after reading this, it'll be high on yours too. J.P.Grider is a hot talent whose book Maybe This Life has been getting some fabulous reviews!

So read on for J.P.'s interview with me and more about her fabulous book!

1) Did you always want to be an author?  If not, what else would you have done?

I always enjoyed writing, but I didn't think about being an author until a few years ago when I drove past this old demolished inn in my neighborhood. I thought to myself, 'Now there has to be a story there.' But, I never did finish that story; I went on to write one based on my great-grandmother's life (Maybe This Life), and then my old rock-star fantasy (Unplugged, A Portrait of a Rock Star) kicked in. I ended writing those two stories at once.

Before writing, I graduated college with a degree in Television Production, worked in P.R. for Cablevision for ten years, got married and had four children, got my personal training and group fitness certification, worked as a personal trainer and fitness/spin instructor, and I am now a QA/QC Tech for a vitamin manufacturer. I have a very eclectic resume, but it gives me some good writing material.

2) What is the strangest job you ever had and why?

Didn't have any 'strange' jobs. Just the ones I mentioned above.

3) What is your favourite book of all time and why?

Persuasion by Jane Austen is my favorite book. I think I love it, because even though the two main characters barely say anything to each other throughout the whole novel, there is so much romantic tension. I love that in a book. Jane Austen does it so subtly, that you don't even realize it until you've finished the book. It is a terrific novel.

4) Describe your ideal hero or heroine (details please! *wink wink*)

My ideal hero is vulnerable. That, to me, is number one. I can read a book about a wide, strong, muscular god or a lean, tall, denim-clad rocker, but if he isn't tormented and vulnerable, I won't be turned on. Something about a man we can fix, I guess. lol. I do love when his eyes are vibrant though. And of course, his smile has to make you melt. That's pretty hard to write, but if an author does it correctly, we can imagine it, right?

5) If you could share a romantic evening with any character from romance literature (any genre), who would it be and what would you do to him/her (ahem! With him/her)?

I think my favorite is actually Edward Cullen. I never fell for any other character as much as I did for him when I first read Twilight (the book, of course, not the movie).

6) What comes first for you: plot or character?

Character comes first. I don't intend on doing that, but a character will pop into my mind and then start talking to me. Before long, my character creates a partner and then they are having conversations in my head. Who needs television when we have our vivid imaginations?

7) Who is, hands down, the sexiest actor of all time?

Well, of all-time, I'd have to say Michael Landon. Young or old, he was one handsome man.

8) Describe your writing style please.

Well, before I write, I dream...literally. It may be a dream I had while sleeping, or it could be a daydream, but I always imagine storylines before I write them down. I never plan what I am going to write. I let my imagination go, then when I have time to sit and write it down, I do. Like that song, These Dreams,  from Heart, 'every moment I'm awake, the further I'm away.' That's me. Always has been.

9) Who is your favourite author and why?

Jane Austen, as I said before, she writes emotion so subtly you don't know what hit you.

10) What is on the horizon for you? Any interesting news or books we should know about?

I am working on my first YA Paranormal book, A Touch of Honor. I'm so excited about it. If I have my way, it will be a trilogy. I know how the third book will end, but I need to write a lot more words to get there. lol.

Lena Giordano has just met Rick Murphy. So why does she have the glaring suspicion that she's met him before?

How would you feel if a man you just met triggered visions of a haunted life that was not your own, but those memories inflicted pain and fear as real as if you had lived through them?
And, what if those visions were a warning of a similar fate?

Would you have the courage to change your own future by arranging those warnings, like pieces of a puzzle, to form a new destiny?

For Lena Giordano, finding that courage isn't going to be easy. Abused relentlessly by her fiance, twenty-five year old Lena is putting herself in danger by not breaking her engagement, and her visions of her great-great grandmother, Angelina, are confirming this risk. Then, thirty-eight year old Rick Murphy appears, claiming he has been in love with Lena for nearly one-hundred years. Rick's presence triggers nightmares even more intense than before, forcing Lena to put the pieces of her visions together to learn her destiny. Though for Lena, even after her paranormal puzzle is complete, the bravery she needs to open her heart is even more tormenting than the abuse she endures.

Take the journey with Lena through her surreal fantasy land and find out if her own self-worth is strong enough to deserve a man who would cross lifetimes to be with her.
Maybe This Life, a romantic suspense, is a story about past lives and second chances; a reincarnation, past-life, recycled souls love story - A romance of two souls who couldn't stop at one lifetime to be together.

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