Saturday, 9 March 2013

Lucky's Freebie Event at Love, Lust and Laptops!

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Lucky’s Bar and Strip Club – Have you gotten lucky tonight?
Padraig ‘Lucky’ O’Reilly let out a contented sigh as he lifted the bottle of Irish whiskey and poured himself a generous slug. Life could be a lot worse. He shifted slightly on his stool and glanced at the old photo hanging on the wall behind the bar. Back in the day, he’d sported a fine head of red hair, rippling abs, and had a bevy of beautiful women willing to do his bidding.
So he might not be able to slip into his thong anymore, his dick was harder to find with his beer gut in the way, and what was left of his hair was mostly grey, but he was the master of all he surveyed.
Lucky’s was one of New York’s finest male strip joints.
He’d built it up from nothing to become one of the must-visit-clubs in the U.S. for traveling dance troupes. Finding a woman and settling down had never been a priority in his life, although he would never regret fathering his firecracker daughters.
Lucky groaned softly and ran his fingers over Molly’s soft brown hair. She stood up and wiped the back of her hand across her lips. “You want me to do anything else for ya, Lucky?”
He drained his glass and placed it on the bar top. Molly stood chewing her bottom lip as he stowed his cock and zipped up. “No, that was good. You run along.”
She dropped a kiss on his cheek, and he watched her sashay across the empty room and disappear out the door. Maybe he’d make an honest woman of her one day.
The door she had wandered through opened and a young man with a head covered in dark brown stubble stepped inside. “I’m looking for Lucky O’Reilly. Seamus said you might be hiring?”
Lucky grinned and got to his feet. Fresh blood. Molly could wait for her Mr. Right. Why would he want to settle for ground beef when there was a whole sexual smorgasbord on offer?
Besides, the Australians were kicking their tour off tomorrow, and St Patrick’s Day was only a week away. He had a feeling life was about to get far too hectic to worry about how much longer Molly would give him head without him making more of a commitment than unzipping his pants.
Lucky crossed the room and held out his hand. “So, you think you’ve got what it takes to be one of Lucky’s Charms?”

Be sure to come back and read along as the Ladies of Love Lust and Laptops celebrate St. Patrick’s day in sexy style.

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Check out our steamy video, created by the talented Emilia Mancini!

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