Monday, 6 May 2013

Nulli Para Ora!

So have I told you about my friend and pub sister Nulli Para Ora? She's been a guest here on my Room before, but I had to have her back. You see, Nulli has been a busy girl and has several amazing books on offer now. I can tell you first hand how good her writing is, and promise you will be swept up in her tales of romance and the paranormal.

Read on, find a new read...or four!

Dragon Moon - Trailer:

A business trip to China. A fight for their lives. Will Angelique and David become pawns in a werewolf war or does fate have something else in store?

Initiate - Trailer:

Bound in service to the king, Initiates are selected and brought to the palace to forfeit their lives and fulfill their calling. That is until duty and honor clash with self-preservation. The resulting test of wills may destroy a kingdom and a new love which should never have seen the light of day.

Waves of Change - Trailer:

This exciting paranormal romance of danger, war, and the struggle to control two worlds, takes you beneath the waves of earth’s vast oceans and reveals a secret no mere human should know. As the battle rages, a very human woman becomes a pawn! Only one man, her unknown soul mate, can save her . . . or can he?


The date with Daniel was going better than Alicia had expected, and when she took his arm as they prepared to leave the restaurant, she thought over their exchanges. He actually showed genuine interest in what I do, and he didn’t make me feel like some kind of freak when I told him about my education. The lightness she felt was soon tempered when she recalled the conversation about her childhood, and she glanced at the side of his face as they moved through the tables to see if he noticed her change in mood. I can’t believe I told him that story. Why am I so comfortable around him? When he held my hand, it was almost as if… Why did I feel better? It was like he took the panic away, but… What am I even thinking about?

The coolness of the night air shocked her out of her inner thoughts, and she took a deep breath as they moved onto the paved path near the water. The three-quarter moon’s light reflected off the lake’s still, black surface. The sound of leaves as they swished and swayed in the wind filtered down, creating a background din that made her feel as if the trees cheered for them as they walked by.

The light wind blowing in her face was like a cool caress, and she closed her eyes for a brief moment and tried to turn off her thoughts. “It’s beautiful out here tonight.”

“Mm-hmm.” Daniel nodded in agreement before he pulled her hand from the crook of his elbow. They both stood still while he took off his blazer, and when he held it up, she smiled and allowed him to drape it over her shoulders.


“No problem. The breeze is a little chilly tonight.”

The scent of his cologne danced around her nostrils, and she found herself fighting the urge to pull the collar to her nose and sniff. It was a clean fragrance with a soapy undertone she liked a lot. When she returned her hand to the bend of his elbow, he pulled his arm closer to his body, and the backs of her fingers rubbed against his side. She could feel the muscles beneath the skin, firm and toned, but not massive. He works out.

There was an unexpected comfort she felt in his presence, and as she realized it, panic began to surface. You don’t know him. You never do things like this. Just go home and go back to your reality. You don’t have time for anything else in your life right now, and you know it. No one is going to put up with your schedule, and it’s not fair to you or him to even pretend this could work out. No matter what you are feeling, let it go and focus on what’s important. Despite the logical rationalizations and demands of her inner voice, she still felt something she couldn’t deny, a feeling she couldn’t explain, a pull well beyond mere attraction. Can I really make room for something like this in my life? Disappointment filled her as she gave in to her analytical nature; she took in a long breath through her nose and blew it out with a bit of force before she squeezed his arm. The light pressure stopped him in his tracks, and he turned to face her. “Daniel, I think…”

“You’re probably tired; let me walk you to your car.” The smile on his face rivaled the moon in its brightness, and as she watched him, she found it harder and harder to say what she was thinking. I’m thinking, not feeling. I always think through things. Why does he make it so hard to think?

A stronger gust of wind blew, and she shielded the side of her face with her hand to keep stray strands of hair out of her eyes. The warmth of his hand over hers as he smoothed her hair back behind her ear was unexpected. When he pulled his hand back, his fingers brushed over her cheek, and she felt her muscles stiffen. She felt a sensation similar to millions of tiny bubbles bursting inside her, and even all over her skin. It was like nothing she’d felt before, but before she could attempt to process it, the feeling morphed into a firing of nerves that stimulated her entire being, and she felt her body heat up. This isn’t how things go in my life. This isn’t normal.

Instinct moved her closer to him, and as she stared into his green eyes, she watched his pupils dilate wider than what was normal for the lighting conditions. She didn’t speak as she took his hand, but she was aware the warmth inside her continued to grow, and as it increased, she began to feel a pulsing sensation deep within. It was then she placed a mental muzzle on her voice of doubt and shoved it down an imaginary flight of stairs. To hell with what you think is normal. I’m done thinking.

Beneath a Spring Moon - Those Sexy Shifters


All of Nulli's books can be found at, as well as on Amazon, ARE and B&N!


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