Friday, 10 January 2014

Predator's Refuge Teaser!

Well, my peeps. The big day is Monday, Jan. 13! That's the day Predator's Refuge, Gemini Island Shifters 3, finally sees the light of day. Have you caught up on the rest of the series yet?

I thought I'd provide you with a little teaser to get you ready for Monday's release. Have you met my tiger shifter Anton?


Marci’s head was on her desk and her arms were splayed out in front of her. One hand still clutched a pen. Next to her were two empty bags of chocolate candy with labels saying “Maltesers.” Also decorating the blotter were several empty coffee cups. Her head rested on several sheets of paper, and there was pen ink on her cheek from where she’d rubbed her face.

Her body had obviously submitted to the rest it needed, and he’d never seen anyone in such a deep sleep.

He frowned and his tiger issued a warning growl. Neither of them liked the fact Marci was working herself to the bone over this travesty. She needed to sleep. She needed to eat. But right now, she really needed to sleep, and not at a wooden desk.

“Marci,” he said, touching her rolled-up sleeve. “Kitten, wake up.”

She mumbled something unclear. And then she made bubbles. Anton smiled as an unfamiliar feeling cut through his core. He grabbed a tissue from her desk and gave her lips a gentle swipe.

His tiger inspired his cock to launch an assault in his pants. Both animal and dick seemed to like her lips a lot. Of course, he’d tasted them and couldn’t forget their allure. Staring at her, reeling from the force of an attraction that hit him like a gale-force wind, he brought the wet tissue to his nose and inhaled. He had to squeeze his eyes shut against the power of her scent on him. He tossed the tissue away, launching it into the nearby trash can, and exhaled deeply a few times to rid himself of her delicious perfume.

It was no good. Every time he was in her presence, it clung to him like paprika on a piece of moist meat.

Shaking his head, steeling himself, he walked around to her side of the desk and pulled out her chair. As he did, he slid his arms under her limp body and picked her up. Her head rolled back against his shoulder, and he gripped the underside of her womanly thighs. Even though she had sensible dress pants on, he could feel her heat and struggled against the lure of her skin.

He realized in that moment he’d do a lot to be able to see more of her skin.

Ignoring the now-frantic pacing of his tiger, he deposited Marci on the leather couch in the office. She stretched out her long legs, very much as a cat would, and threw her arms up over her head. As she did, her blouse came untucked and rode up her belly.

Its magnetic force almost made Anton fall over. The skin there was soft and pale, as if it had never seen the light of day. He stared at the exposed skin and took a few steps back so he wouldn’t touch her.
Father in Heaven, forgive me. I want to touch her.

Now don't forget, right now you can preorder Predator's Refuge at Liquid Silver Books at:

Otherwise, the book will be available at all outlets on Monday. Be aware, sometimes B&N takes a little longer to upload new material, but Liquid Silver offers all formats.


  1. Must. Have. The. Tiger. Shifter...... NOW!!!!!!!

    1. LOL, thank you Lisa! You'll have him shortly! :)

  2. Rosanna,
    I'm already hooked. His nickname for his is "KITTEN?" Sign. Me. Up.

    1. Oh, there's a bit of a story behind that nickname, Michelle. But you'll find out soon enough, my friend! Thank you!