Friday, 14 February 2014

Music to inspire romance.

Ah, Valentine’s Day.
As an author of romance books, I would be remiss to let it pass without commenting on it in some small way. After all, romance and love are my bread and butter. They are the air I breathe and the source of my inspiration.
Speaking of inspiration, I can’t help but be reminded of some of the romantic music that has inspired my writing. I’d like to share some of my faves with you today. Some of them may be new to you, some may be old favorites. They have all served as a musical backdrop to my writing process, and I hope they will inspire you as well. May your Valentine’s Day be a happy one, and filled with love.
“My Immortal” by Evanescence
I fell in love with this haunting tune the first time I heard it, and dust it off regularly to get myself into a paranormal frame of mind. To me, this song is about loving someone who has passed, someone who is never forgotten but no longer on the same plane of existence. It breaks my heart, but makes me feel there is something else out there. It makes me dream of a man who is something more than human, a perfect score for paranormal romance.
“After the Rain” by Blue Rodeo
If you haven’t yet discovered Canadian band Blue Rodeo, you really should give them a listen. They are famous in the Great White North for their country/rock music and lead singer Jim Cuddy’s tenor voice is just heart-wrenching. Their ballads, in particular, never fail to inspire me. “After the Rain” is about a love that has ended, and wishing you could go back and turn back time. My favourite line (one that grips me right in the ticker) is the one where he drinks to the queen of his soul. Sigh.
“Need You Now” by Lady Antebellum
How can one not fall in love with this song and its tones of desperate longing? I love the imagery of giving into temptation, of trying to lose oneself in a shot of whiskey. You just know by the end of it this couple will no longer be able to avoid each other. They sing of need and desire and inevitable surrender. Just breathtaking.
“Broken and Beautiful” by Suzie McNeil
Suzie McNeil is another Canadian artist I just adore. She is a cool rocker chick who can also sing a ballad like it’s nobody’s business. One of my favourite songs is “Broken and Beautiful” a piece that is about loving someone who is broken emotionally. It’s about being attracted to a man who is falling apart, and needing so much to be the woman who patches him back together. Very tortured hero, in my opinion, and very reminiscent of many of today’s damaged leading men.
“Feels Like Home” by Chantal Kreviazuk
Don’t know this Canadian songstress? Well, you might be surprised to know she is not only a talented singer, but also the songwriter behind many of today’s hit songs. So many of the songs I’ve highlighted today are about damaged loved or lost love. Well, not this one. “Feels Like Home” is a stirring, lilting tribute to great love. It’s about feeling safe in someone’s arms, about losing yourself in that special person’s eyes. I wish I’d written this song, it’s that beautiful. And if I was ever in a position where I had to sing a song to my beloved, this is the song I’d choose.
What are some of your romantic favorites?
Happy Valentine’s Day!


  1. Don't know some of them. Have to check YouTube to see if I like them too! I do know Need You Now and I agree, love that one!

    1. Thanks for joining me today, D. I hope you get to enjoy some of this music, and have a happy Valentine's Day!

  2. Happy Valentine's Day, Rosanna. Actually, one of my presents for today was a gift card at iTunes - color me pink! I downloaded some new music to listen to as I work on the new book. Your Raise Me Up by Secret Garden - I have this song by about six different singers, love it. The Trouble With Girls by Scotty McCreery, a great country song. And two new Lonestar songs - I'm Already There and Amazed.


    1. That is an awesome gift, Michelle. I hope your Valentine's Day is special!