Tuesday, 30 September 2014

An update on my writing projects

God bless the inventors of social media. It allows authors to connect with our readers in timely fashion and keep them up-to-date on our latest news. I have been posting the odd tidbit of information on my pages but thought it might be best if I do a recap of how things are going on my various writing projects. After all, not everyone has a Facebook account (gasp!)

As you may have read, I do have a few books on the go. Thanks to everyone who has purchased a copy of Predator's Fire, Gemini Island Shifters 5, and for all the favorable reviews. I'm so pleased to see it embraced by the lovers of this series and new fans. The book is available everywhere ebooks are sold, including Amazon, B&N, ARE, Kobo and www.lsbooks.com.

Some have speculated who the next hero will be. I enjoy reading my reviews and seeing how readers take to the different characters. Although many have lobbied for confirmed mountain lion bachelor Connor, the next book will be a menage featuring Percy and Byron Moon, Killian's twin brothers. I have yet to start this book, but can confirm the heroine will be a feisty human redhead named Suzan. 

I have a new release called Vice, soon to be published by Samhain Publishing. I am thrilled about this new venture. The contract has just recently been signed so I can't confirm dates or a cover yet but hope to hear more soon. I will share the info here as soon as I have it. Vice is a sizzling contemporary romance set in the Las Vegas casino world. Featuring a troubled casino owner hero named Liam Doyle and a heroine named Kate Callender, the story is a compelling one. Especially when you consider Kate runs a support group for the families of compulsive gamblers. This is a couple who should not be compatible in any way, but when Kate stages a protest at Liam's newest casino, their attraction reaches a boiling point. 

I have talked a little bit about my Orkney Selkies. Book 3, brother Edan's book, has been started although I am still working out some kinks with the plot. Featuring a paranormal investigator heroine named Amy, this book will showcase yet another side of the magical location of Orkney, Scotland. 

I have almost completed two other projects. One of them, tentatively entitled Night Lover, is a paranormal romance featuring a naughty incubus.  My heroine in this one, Renata Bruno, is a classical soprano from Toronto who suffers from some very odd nightmares, dreams featuring an ethereal creature who makes love to her, but who leaves her gasping for breath. Her adventures will take her to England for a music festival, where she comes in contact with her former lover and the tortured spirit who haunts her dreams. An awkward love triangle, to say the least.

And finally I have almost completed another contemporary romance called The Stand-In. I don't want to give too much away on this one because I am rather excited about the premise. However, I can tell you this: it will include some very odd weddings, a reluctant bridesmaid and the jaded, disgraced reporter who is forced to do a story on her. That's all you get for now!

I hope this answers your questions. Please feel free to drop me a line here or at the following links whenever you want to know more.


  1. Can't wait! Got excited seeing the heroine for the next Gemini Island book! ;-p