Tuesday, 30 July 2013

D.X. Luc...Hunters of Seraphim: Jadin!

It is always a real pleasure to welcome my pal D.X. Luc to my blog. This sassy lady writes sexy books based on iconic and mythological characters, and her fans are just rabid for her newest. I'm so excited she's here to share a tasty tidbit from Hunters of Seraphim : Jadin.

Read on!


In the year 4411, females dominate the world. Men are now the weaker sex and all roles have been reversed. 
Angela is an accomplished defense attorney and has grown up in a world dominated by women but she craves something more. She secretly yearns for a strong dominant man…not a simpering wimp.
Nestled on an island far from the world Angela knows are a group of mighty male Hunters. They're strong, dominate and sexy and each Hunter is waiting for the goddess Seraphim to grant him his mate. 
After waking from a drug induced sleep, Angela finds herself on this jungle island, playing a game of cat and mouse with Jadin... the sexiest man she's ever seen. He claims she's his, but she wants the right to choose. Will Angela be able to give into her hearts desires or will a lifetime of embedded teachings prevent her from having the man of her dreams?


There's no way off this island, Angela.” Kefir rested on a rock, looking out to sea, a few feet from where she knelt. “You’re stuck here and the collar will keep you that way. Don't try to pass the yellow flags or you're in for a shock.”
She spied the yellow squares he mentioned and scowled. How had he gotten there so fast and why wasn’t he out of breath like she was? She had to appeal to some part of this giant’s nature. Angela tried a new angle. “Listen, you have no legal right to keep me. The dating game show’s contract I signed mentioned nothing of this and if you don’t release me, you will have to face the consequences of the Womyn’s Way!”
Kefir chuckled, the sound a rumble similar to a lion’s purr. “Your women don’t frighten me, little one.” He nodded his chin and smirked. “I wouldn’t sit on that sand for too long. Wouldn’t want the crabs to crawl into places that would be most uncomfortable.”
Then give me some damn clothes!” She bolted to her feet in outrage. How dare he? A mere man, treat her is such a disrespectful manner!
He wagged his finger at her while hopping from the boulder. “You’re not in your world any longer Angela. Here, you are the prey and if you were here for me, the only screaming to come from your lips would be the shouts of your orgasms.”
Shocked beyond belief at the audacity of the male, Angela moved to strike him. Granted, she vowed to never be the type of woman who’d use the violent form of discipline on the weaker sex, Kefir obviously needed a crash course in appropriate conduct. Rather than feel good about giving the beast a good stinging slap, she was overcome with a tingling sensation. Vibrations traveled from the collar down the length of her body and back to settle in her head. “What the—?”
A feminine voice resonated through her brain. Do not be frightened, Angela. Kefir will not harm you. He is big, but gentle. Like a teddy bear.
Teddy bear, my ass,” Kefir grumbled.
Angela ignored his sour whine and looked to the sky. “Please one woman to another, get me out of this. I swear I won’t tell a soul about this place.”
Follow Kefir. All of your questions will be answered soon.
She felt the mystery spirit depart, leaving Angela to stare at the man she was supposed to trust. On a normal day, she would’ve had nothing to fear when it came to males, but that confidence fizzled the moment Ryland spiked her water! Studying Kefir, who had started down a hidden rock path without seeing if she trailed behind, Angela ultimately had no other choice. She needed answers and a way to freedom.
Scrambling, she caught up with Kefir, his long strides equaling to two of hers. Never before had she seen a man so huge. Yes, Ryland towered over the males in their community, but this man had to be at least six foot seven.
His casual gait swayed his body, moving him along like stalking panther. The machete strapped to his back made him appear all the more deadly. Yet, he didn’t seem to regard that he took the lead. How was it he didn’t worry about her taking his weapon and using it? When he stopped and yanked the thick body of a snake from a low lying branch, breaking its neck in the process, then shoved it into a pouch—she knew the answers to all her queries about his demeanor.
Angela didn’t know how far they traveled or the direction they took. Everything looked the same. She pondered if that was a way to keep strangers from learning of the secret location she was being taken to. Feeling the beginnings of blisters forming on the bottom of her naked feet, while swatting at the bird sized mosquitoes trying to get a taste of her bare skin, Angela almost resorted to pleading for mercy. Thankfully, she saw Kefir stop at a stone wall and place his palm against the flat surface. “Lost or something?” She couldn’t help the irritation in her voice.
Unfazed by her, he titled those cocky lips into a small grin. “Or something.”
Grinding her teeth, Angela almost threw a rock at the back of his head. Until she watched as he ran his long fingers over the wall and a red engraved symbol lit up. Granite against granite scraped as a door slid open and revealed a dark cavern.
Kefir entered first, disappearing into the bleakness. When he didn’t return for her, Angela had a decision to make. Go into the unknown with a man the size of a fucking house or brave the jungle and hope for rescue. Her conclusion came in the form of a rat-sized pink slug shimmying its way along the log by her foot. “Hey there little fellow. Do you know the way out of here?” Not usually put off by a simple insect, she all but dove into the cave when the fuzzy bug lifted up on it tail and exposed an open slit mouth with rows of venom dripping serrated teeth.
She had barely made her exit. The wall closed as the hissing creature from jungle hell flew through the air to what would have probably been her throat had it not smacked the sealed stone instead. “What is this place? Big, muscled men with arrogant attitudes and killer vagina slugs! I’ve entered some kind of hell.”
Glad you finally made it in. Welcome to the meeting room.” Kefir boomed, his arms wide as he gestured the empty space. 



  1. Welcome D.X. and all the best on this sexy new book!

  2. AHHHH, I bloody love D.X's writing. So excited to read this book!

    1. I know, Brenda! It's on my list too! Thanks for visiting. :)

    2. Thank you Brenda!! I had fun with my Hunters. Enjoy them!!