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Brenda Dyer...Prophecy's Child!

I'm thrilled to have my pal Brenda Dyer in the house with us today! (cheers in the background)

Brenda is the talented author who brought us Love's Prophecy, a vamp romance with a difference, and I'm so glad she's here to tell us about book 2 in the series, Prophecy's Child. And to make it extra memorable, she is graciously doing a giveaway so read on and make sure you comment with your email address. I can tell you I've read both books, and they are fabulous and sexy, the sorts of books you want to share with everyone you know.

Thanks for being here, Brenda!

The Ties that Bind

Hello, everyone. So glad you stopped in to visit with me today. Before I begin, I’d like to thank Rosanna for having me on her blog today. Thank you, Rosanna.

Today I’d like to talk a little about my favorite author, J.R.R Tolkien, and how he has been a major influence to me and my writing.
You may be wondering how the heck a well known—famous—high fantasy author could possibly influence a paranormal—vampires—romance author. Well, I’ll explain. But first, how about you grab yourself a coffee or tea, and maybe a couple of chocolate chip cookies...or maybe a slice of apple/caramel coffee cake. Damn, that does sound good. Hold on, brb...
Okay, I’m back. Had to get a coffee and a piece of coffee cake.
So, onto the subject at hand. As I’ve said, J.R.R Tolkien is my ALL TIME favorite author. His Lord of the Rings trilogy—I’m also going to include The Hobbit, because to me they are all part of the same story—are out-of-this-world fantastic. I love the characters, his attention to detail, the age-old troupe of good versus evil. Damnit, the man is nothing short of brilliant!
But what I love the absolute most about J.R.R Tolkien’s LOTR’s—including The Hobbit—is the rich and detailed history—how everything ties together. He didn’t just write a few stories, he created A WHOLE NEW WORLD, from the beginning of the creation of Middle Earth, to the first evil, the heroes and heroines who lost their lives to destroy the evil, those you triumphed over it, to the Valar sending wizards to help when all seemed hopeless, finally, onto the destruction of Sauron’s ring in Mt Doom.
For those of you who are J.R.R Tolkien fans, you have to read The Silmarillion and Unfinished Tales. Both are a must!
Anyway, back to how Tolkien influenced me. Well, I’m a huge lover of romance novels, especially paranormal romances. And vampires are my number one favs. So a few years before I began writing, an idea formed in my mind. Oh, at first my thoughts weren’t on romance. My mind was busy creating history, lol. This history was about how and why vampires exist.
As this new idea was forming, my mind was buzzing with ideas. Then finally came the day when I started writing Love’s Prophecy—the first book in the Prophecy Series. I didn’t simply want to write a story, I wanted to create a whole new world. I wanted each and every book in this series to tie together. My books are stories which are part of something bigger! They are part of a story that has been ongoing since before the creation of Earth!
When I’m finished writing the Prophecy Series—six books in all with a novella about Roarik—then I will start on the next series, which will be part of the Prophecy’s Series—the conclusion, you could say. And once that series is finished, I will probably write a novel about the fifty first vampire clans sent to Earth. This novel will take place far, far back in time. I may even go back further and begin at the very beginning, lol.
My latest release—Prophecy’s Child, book #2 in the Prophecy Series, reveals even more. But each book, although part of a series, are complete—even stand alone—novels. They all have a HEA for the characters, but the backbone of the series keeps going, slowly revealing more and more with each book published.

I’ll end this post with the blurb and an excerpt from Prophecy’s Child.

Leave a comment for a chance to win a $5 Amazon gift card and an e-copy of Prophecy’s Child or Love’s Prophecy.

His secret will shatter her world.
Katherine Colby’s life splintered ten years ago when her lover suddenly vanished, leaving her with more than a broken heart. But when Kal unexpectedly makes an appearance, her safe, dependable existence is shattered once more. Drawn into Kal’s deadly world of vampires and demons, she must now put aside her hurt and anger and learn to trust him. Can she forgive past deceptions and find the courage to love again? Or will she turn away the one man who owns her heart and soul?
Her secret will change his life.
Powerful, and lethal, Kal is a vampire warrior, sworn to protect humans from demons. Loving Katherine too much to pull her into his dangerous world, Kal deserted her, believing his decision was best for them both. But not even time could assuage his yearning for the woman who has captured his heart. As fate tosses them together once again, Kal must fight to win Katherine’s trust and forgiveness before evil separates them forever. But is he ready to become the man she needs him to be? Or will he lose the one woman he can’t live without?

Kal noticed the stiff set of Katherine’s shoulders as she walked over to a straight-backed chair in the corner and dragged it next to the bed. She sat down and clasped her hands on her lap. Gone was the warm, loving look from earlier. It was replaced with her wary mask.
He cleared his throat.
Do it.
“Kat, our son was right. It was a demon that did this to me.”
She blinked. “What?”
“I was attacked by a demon.”
Alarm flared in her eyes, and her cheeks turned chalky-white. “No,” she whispered. “Demons aren’t real.”
“They are, I’m afraid.”
Leaning back in her seat, she crossed her arms, and her expression turned hard. “You want me to believe there’re demons running around—as in demons from hell?”
“Yes, but vampires call it the Forgotten Realm. And Lucifer is the king of that realm.”
“So, a demon shot you with arrows?” She laughed, but the sound held no humor.
The corners of her lips trembled. “This is insane.”
“I know.” With his good arm and leg, he pulled and pushed himself into a sitting position. “I am a warrior, and my job, along with many other vampire warriors, is to hunt and kill demons. In return, demons hunt us. We are the only thing that stands in the way of their goal—their purpose”
“Which is?”
“To manipulate and corrupt humans and turn them away from their Creator—or God as humans have named Him.”
“For what purpose?” She smirked. “Oh let me guess. For the devil?”
Kal tried to keep his voice even. “Yes.”
“I see.”
“No, you don’t.”
Yeah, like hell she did. It was plain as the nose on her face that she thought he was feeding her a plate-full of bullshit.
“What I see is you’re trying to screw with me. I just can’t figure out why.”
Kal rubbed his closed eyes then glanced sideways at her. “Can you do something for me?”
“Like what?”
“Can you please save your judgment until after I explain?”
Katherine glared at him. “I’m not promising anything, but please carry on with your…story.”
“As you know, the Earth was formed by The Creator for humans. But what you may not know is the lesser gods or angels did all the physical labor. Lucifer fell in love with what he helped make, and he wanted to stay. The Creator said no way then basically ordered him to get his ass back to the Sacred Dimension. This pissed good old Lucifer off. He couldn’t get over the fact humans not only had the Earth, but when they died, their souls went to the Sacred Dimension. Also, rumor has it Lucifer was jealous over his father’s love for humans.
“Lucifer decided he would destroy humans and take back the Earth. He almost succeeded, but the gods stepped in and Lucifer retreated. From then on, he was banned from the Earth. There was peace for a while.

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Author Bio:
Brenda Dyer lives in the small town of Sooke off the coast of British Columbia with her husband, two teenage boys, and an assortment of animals.
She is a graduate from LongRidge Writers group.
When she isn't writing you can find her out in her gardens or working with her two miniature horses.
Brenda loves to hear from readers. If you would like to contact her, visit her website.



  1. Welcome back Brenda, and congrats on your awesome book!

  2. Every time I read anything you write online, it just makes me want to read your books now. I'm gonna have to re-arrange my TBR list :)

    Great article.

    1. Thank you, Andrea! I'll be starting V.F right away. LOL, I feel the same as you. Every time I see and read excerpts from your books, I move them up my reading list.

  3. I admire your dedication to the series and I'm looking forward to reading the whole thing. I can't wait to look back years from now with all the Prophecy stories bouncing around my brain and remember when you were writing them. Writing a series is hard, hard business. I admire you for sticking with it.

    1. Thank, Allison. LOL, I can hardly wait to see all the books published too.
      Yep, writing a series is hard. I have to decide how much to reveal with each book.

  4. Your amazing mind and your beautiful world! I enjoyed this post so much. You know how I love Tolkien almost as much as you! LOL So I'm eating my jalapeno bagel and drinking my iced coffee and my morning is complete!

    1. LOL, Kary. Your jalapeno bagel sounds good!
      Thank you so much for your kinds words. You and I have very similar minds!
      Just think. December isn't far off--The second installment of The Hobbit!

  5. I can't think of anything to add to what's already been written here. This is such a good series and I'm always waiting for your next book!

    1. Thank you, Sheri. You've always been such a tremendous support to me!

  6. Tolkien is still one of my least favourite authors - but you are one of my favourites.

  7. This sounds like such a good book!! Tweeted.

    1. Thank you so much, Ella. I so appreciate you stopping and commenting on every stop on my blog tour.

  8. Great post! The world you're building is fantastic. I love how Vampier is the "father" of the vampires.

    1. Thank you, Lisa. LOL, I thought the name fit! Vampier...and his children are called vampires, hehehehe.
      Thank you for coming by today!

  9. Rosanna, thank you again for allowing me to take over your blog. I had a wonderful time!

    Too all who have stopped by today. Thank you all. Your support and friendship means everything to me!