Sunday, 25 August 2013

Spreading the love.

So much has been said recently about trolling on various sites and attacks on various parties. I've made my opinions known on this issue and won't do it again here, as I despise spreading negativity in any form.

And so, I would just like to use my blog today to spread a little love. There are so many kind folks who have been instrumental in getting my books off the ground, or in sharing my works with others. Please know I appreciate you all so much.

Thank you to my family who support all my endeavours.

Thank you to all the folks at Liquid Silver Books, to Mike and Raven and Jennifer and Allie and Michelle and everyone on your teams. You have made my dreams come true.

Thank you to bloggers like Book Chick and t'irla and Carin and Iris and Liz and Melissa and too many to mention! So many of you kind folks took an interest in my work ages ago and made it your mission to share, share, share. You have helped so much.

Thank you to my faithful readers. There's no possible way I could mention you all, but thanks to people like Suzan and Renate and Lindsay and Heather and the Michelles, to Krystle and Sky and Thena and Amy and Jane and all the lovely people in Kick and my other GR groups. Thanks to Savannah and Jessica and Pam, to Katherine and Patricia and Ashley and Jessi. I know there are others and please forgive me if I neglected you. Please know, you are all special to me. No roll call here will ever express how much your reviews and support mean to me.

Thanks to my fellow authors who have shared and laughed with me. Thanks to the cover artists and editors and geniuses who made my work look better than it was when I sent it in!

You all mean the world to me and I do so much of this for you every day. God bless.

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