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Daisy Banks...Timeless!

Hi everyone! It is always a pleasure to hear about my pal Daisy Banks and her wonderful romances. I'm so glad she's here to tell us a bit about her newest.

Welcome, Daisy!

Many thanks for inviting me onto your Blog Rosanna, it’s a pleasure to be here.

Hello everyone.
 One of the things I am concentrating on, in my writing, is developing the sensuality aspect of my characters. My challenge is using all of the senses. I am working on describing for the reader the impact made by the impossibly attractive person my hero or heroine are about to fall in love with. Their discovery of one individual they are unable to resist prompts a range of responses, and I want the reader to experience these with the characters.
This attraction and reaction is a known sensation and often, though not always, begins at first sight. Sometimes the effect can be so dramatic it is uncomfortable, sometimes people get prickly because they no longer feel in control, and at other times people stare awestruck and become embarrassed at showing such a focus. There are other reactions too. People can suffer sweaty palms, a dry mouth; find speaking difficult, queasy stomach and even physical shakes. Some of these reactions are unpleasant, and can cause grouchiness and anger too.
From there in my story I might move on to the first touch of someone’s hand. People do shake hands in greeting in formal situations, and I wonder how that might feel for someone deeply attracted to another, in a business situation, or a legal situation, or a medical situation. Perhaps the first touch might be accidental, or it could be quite deliberate. There is a great deal to consider about the impact of the first touch.
From the first touch the story moves on, perhaps to a date, or any other opportunity for characters to become more intimate. The situation will develop into the drama of the couple’s first kiss.
I read somewhere if the first kiss in a story is not satisfying for the reader; it is at that point they may put your book down, and no writer wants that to happen. Who really wants a boring kiss? Below I’ve put two examples of kisses from two of my stories.
I hope you enjoy these kisses and find them…satisfying. I would also like to invite you to follow my blog where there will be more examples of kisses in the next few weeks as other authors demo kisses for readers.

This example kiss is from A Perfect Match, due out this summer with Taliesin Publishing. I am awaiting the artwork for this book and will share it with you soon.
This is the heroine’s first ever kiss.

“Oh.” The sound escaped Anwell as he brushed his lips against hers. “I’ll not be afraid, Varon.” She touched her lips to his. “I think I’d like it if you kissed me.”
His smile appeared again. He covered her lips with his. Warm, smooth and gentle they captured hers and the tip of his tongue teased until she opened her mouth with a sigh.
Yes, I do like this, very much.
Sparks of tingling awareness rose. She edged closer and leaned in to him. The warmth of his palm cupped her buttock, and his tongue entered her mouth, sending a thrill deep into her. Should his kiss make her feel like this? A soft moan she couldn’t stifle rose and she lifted her arms around his neck.
How was it his mouth on hers could create such a need to be closer still?

I hope you felt the sense of discovery of Anwell and Varon’s kiss.

The next kiss is from Timeless. Available now from Lyrical Press, A Kensington Imprint. You can meet these characters again in the sequel To Eternity coming soon.
Sian and Magnus share their kiss in the garden.

Soft, delicate as a flower, she opened her lips under the caress of his, and she tasted sweet, minty fresh. His rising need deepened with their kiss, so he took command of her mouth, instructed her with exquisite precision in exactly what he hoped for from her. The increase in her breathing rate and her sighed responses promised him her participation would be all he could wish.
The force of her will astonished him. For two nights she’d fought him off, banished him from her dreams with ease. Even when he’d managed to sneak in, she’d caged him. Today, she’d held him off every step of the way to the lake. She wanted him, he was certain, but didn’t want to give in, not this soon. She’d tested him and all his skills. But now, at last, he’d managed to slip through her defenses because she embraced him to her, nestled against him in the place she belonged. Her love of beauty, no less than his, left her vulnerable.
The sound of her breathy moans encouraged him to slide and roll his tongue with hers. Desire flashed deep in his gut.
Dreams would live. They throbbed through him.

I hope you found the sense of how lucky Magnus feels to be able to enjoy this kiss. There is a buy link in the image above.

Today I am also talking about sensual kisses at The Silken Sheets and Seduction blog. If you’re over 18 do drop by.

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Daisy Banks.
An obsessive writer Daisy is passionate about her stories. Her wish is to always offer the best tale she can to readers. Daisy is married, with two grown up sons. She lives with her husband in a converted chapel in Shropshire, England. Antiques and collecting entertain Daisy when she isn’t writing, she has also occasionally been known to make a meal that doesn’t stick to the pan. 


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  2. to be held in loving arms while you kiss is a magical wxperience

  3. I agree, Julie. I'm working hard so I can show the tenderness as well as the passion in kisses.

  4. I love first kisses, and you do write some great ones. Do you remember that scene in 50 First Dates when Drew Barrymore says "best first kiss ever" or something like that. Priceless! Thanks for sharing, Daisy.

  5. Thanks, Gemma. Glad you enjoyed them.

  6. Hi Daisy, I enjoyed your blog. First kisses can make or break a relationship. Right? Your first kiss examples were hot and I'm sure long lasting. Thanks for sharing.

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