Friday, 25 July 2014

A "buffet of oddities"

Hubby and I were cracking jokes the other day, something we do far too often for it to be considered healthy for some folks. I said something silly, as I usually do.

He turned to me and said, "Woman, you are a buffet of oddities."

I smacked him but I also laughed really hard.

Our relationship began when we started working at the same summer job one year. We were both university students, broke, and looking for adventure. Working for the Toronto tourism board, we found that and a whole lot more. Our friendship was based on lots of laughter, gentle ribbing and private jokes. And I don't think I'd want my relationship to start any other way.

Doug and I laugh a lot, mostly at our kids, but we laugh a lot. ;) I truly believe this is a strong foundation. Say what you want about chemistry, sex, looks. A marriage built on laughter can stand the test of time, in my humble opinion. I think it really helps to be able to laugh at the same things. There's nothing quite as awkward as giggling like a madman, when your partner sits stone-faced next to you. I wouldn't want that. Heck, we still cackle over jokes that fizzled years ago.

And here we are, about to celebrate our 18th anniversary in September. When I look back at our marriage, I remember our shared smiles, tears and proud moments, but I really remember the laughs. I know the laughter will sustain me long after other memories have faded.

My advice to young people looking for a mate? Look for someone with whom you can share the "buffet of oddities" we know as life.

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