Friday, 11 July 2014

Dating advice for my sons

My house is currently full of raging teen and tween hormones. It occurred to me the other day that it won't be long before my sons want to date. I've already spotted the interest.

My first reaction, of course, is to cry like a baby because my boys are growing. However, at 11 and 13, I think they'll still consider me their main gal for a little while longer.

Even still, I couldn't help but try to encapsulate all the advice I wish I could share with them. As teens they don't always want to have these discussions in person. What would I tell my soon-to-be-dating children?

1) The world is full of girls. The first one who breaks your heart will not be the last, or the best.

2) The girl who points out one's zits or imperfect nose is not the one for you. Share yourself with the one who sees past these things.

3) Look for girls who share your interests. In some measure, opposites will always attract, but at the end of the day, you need to have something to talk about.

4) Teen boys may feel explosive chemistry for any girl who walks by. This is normal and don't let it freak you out. But when you settle down as an adult, make sure you have chemistry with your chosen woman. You should curl her toes, and she should curl yours.

5) Keep talking to us, your parents. It can be easy to feel so alone as a teen. Life is less lonely when you share your feelings.

6) And most of all, don't be afraid to love. Don't be afraid to try. Great romances weren't born of fear.

7) As you head out into the big, bad world, please know your parents will always support you and you can always come home. We love you.


  1. Aww, this is really sweet Rosanna. Hope they'll listen to you when the time comes.

    1. Thank you, Michelle. They probably won't listen, but one can try! LOL

  2. Great advice especially the broken heart.

  3. Great advice from the smart lady I may have to nick these in 8+ years when Zach is older lol xx

    1. LOL, you are more than welcome to use it then. :)