Friday, 8 August 2014

Help me celebrate my birthday! Inspire a character name.

Hello my lovelies!
Well, today's the day. August 8. My birthday. How old am I? If I tell you, I have to kill you. Let's just say I'm old enough to know better, but young enough to ignore the voice of common sense.

In order to celebrate and say thanks to my wonderful fans, I thought I'd run a little contest. As you know, one month from now, Predator's Fire will be released. I also have a couple more works that I'm preparing. Lots of new characters coming your way.

Want to have one named after you? I will choose one lucky person here on the blog. Tell me what sort of dream character you would like to play. The most creative answer (IMHO) gets a character named after him/her. Think of it: you might be a curvy heroine, a dishy hero or a wicked villain. You might also be that quirky secondary character no one forgets. I will, of course, use the chosen name for a suitable character. (i.e. if your name is Poppy, I might not make you a villain. Then again...) No surnames, just first names.

The winner will also receive one of the first copies of Predator's Fire when it is released.

So comment here, tell me all about your character in my book, and thanks for celebrating with me!


  1. I have always had a book idea in my mind but have never known where to begin. I'm more of a smart alec, so my character would be someone with a lot of humor, gets into trouble and always seems to get out of it. Tough when needed to be and isn't afraid of a bar fight or two.

  2. For years, I wanted to be someone other than myself, if I were a book character. Now that I am “over 39,” and looking for interesting characters, I gravitate toward women who do not fit the normal “romance heroine” stereotype.

    My heroine would be a glasses-wearing, wisecracking, Intelligent, curvy, short, dark-eyed, short, dark, curly-haired, a bit sexually inexperienced Latina. She and several of her college friends (sorority sisters) own a successful personal assistance business that helps other busy women organize their lives (online scheduling, errands, carpools, etc.). She is the VP of Operations – the “power behind the scenes,” and her company head shot is a photo of her two pit bulls, rather than a traditional head shot. She is a study in opposites – confident, extroverted and vivacious in her professional life versus reserved and introverted in her personal life.

    Her hero would be her opposite – tall, blue or green-eyed, blonde, methodical (almost slow-moving), sexy, former military strategist. He and his friends own an investigations company hired to determine whom is sending threatening emails, letters and packages to the principals of her company. He frustrates, intimidates and excites her, because he is unfazed when she puts up her emotional walls, and patiently works to earn her trust. He is drawn to her mind, her wit and her body, as she is the first woman to openly challenge his intellect.

    1. It's Michelle M. (btw). Forgot to leave my name. Oops.

  3. Hmm, thought I just posted but maybe it didn't take...

    Anyhoo, Hi Rosanna! It's Rachel Chanticleer from around the interwebs (Goodreads, etc) and this is very cool. I'd like to throw something in for consideration; would I still make it if I post by about 2-3pm Eastern time?


  4. Hrms...great contest my friend! I would love to be a heroine My character would be quirky but extremely mischievous with an outrageous sense of humour who loves to play pranks on people. She is curvy but adores fashion and shopping is a favorite hobby with of course shoes being her most favorite but her fashion is all over the board with some upscale but a lot of period stuff...she adores shopping at thrift stores as much as sales at Saks. Even though she comes across as extremely confident she hides that she is actually a bit shy and not as comfortable with herself as she lets people believe. She tends to be friends with men and rarely dates because she doesn't see herself in the role of heroine..she sees herself as the best friend...which makes it interesting when a hero is actually interested in HER (you could use either my rl name or online name:)

  5. Ok, I’m back!

    I’m a big fan of tortured heroes, and for a while I’ve been thinking I’d love to see the traditional gender roles swapped, and read about a really good tortured heroine. I envision her as someone who starts off as more of a side character in another couple’s book. Maybe eventually she’d get her own book and find her HEA, but who knows?

    When we first meet her, she’d come off as somewhat standoffish. People may not be quite sure what to make of her and tend to give her a wide berth as she maintains a stoic demeanor and projects a sort of quiet lethality. But for the few she’s let herself to become close to, she is incredibly loyal. She would do anything for her friends. Not one to readily jump into conversations, she prefers to silently observe and add her thoughts after she’s considered all the angles. It doesn’t show itself too often, but she has a quick wit and an extremely dry sense of humor. (Of course this is only reserved for those she trusts and it will crack them up when she reveals her seldom seen lighter side.)

    We’d eventually learn about a past tragedy which was the catalyst that made her the person she is today. She definitely lost a loved one. Maybe she was unable to save them and the guilt she feels is debilitating, or someone sacrificed themselves to save her and she feels she was unworthy of it—that she should have been the one who died. Because of this she keeps her distance from most people and hasn’t allowed herself to fall in love.

    Her unhappiness is how she makes amends.

    So, yeah. Just thought that’d be neat to see. : )


  6. My would be voluptuous tattooed vixen, a little on the plump side, with flaming red hair and sexy blue eyes. She would work as a librarian by day, and run a very successful gentlemen's club for shifters and vampire at night. She would have quirky, snort when she laughs sense or humor, be rather blunt and sweetly alpha, for a girl. She'd always have some kind of trouble because it seems to follow her ams the predicaments she ended up in would take a strong, brave loyal hero to assist her in conquering evil and rescuing those in need. Soft spot in her heart for children, but doesn't want any, and helps the abused. Rich, but doesn't flaunt it. An enormous collection of runner ducks.

  7. I would love to be the quirky funny character. Good friends or perhaps odd colleague of the protagonist. Must eat nutella from a spoon and drink too much coffee. Happy Birthday!

  8. My character would probably be the wise cracking, queen of dirtyinnapropriate comments and jokes, clumsy, doesn't have to look for trouble because it finds me where ever I go best friend of the hero! The girl that's just one of the guys ..... because she doesn't realize how beautiful she is! She has an aversion to chocolate, icing and almost anything sweet ..... but would sell her soul for red starbursts. She's smart but not college educated and has a dog that is so funny looking he's cute (part Chinese crested and part schnauzer).

  9. I would be the quirky shy bookworm and best friend of the heroine. A tom boy that would tell the hero off if she found the heroine crying because of him! I'd be there to listen to the heroine bitch and to enable her bitching sessions with alcohol, munchies and movies! Of course I'd probably also be the one who in trying to get the flaming marshmallow off the skewer at the bon fire would probably accidentally send it flying at the hero or one of his friends! Just saying! :-) Oh and it would be totally accidental I swear!

  10. I would be that submissive, sweet very caring person to others, and a wicked submissive type with my man in private.

  11. Okay I have to try for this because you know, EDAN!!!! :O Let's see... Curvy, stubborn, slightly nerdy, smart mouthed, yet somewhat shy, very quick tempered that curses like a sailor when mad but very soft hearted, especially when it comes to animals, children, and ornery tortured heroes that need a 5'4" brown eyed and brown haired package of dynamite to keep their alpha tendencies from running amok. ;)

  12. Oh I almost forgot to tell you that I speak another language, I am fluent in sarcasm. :D

  13. Thank you everyone!! The winner is Suzan, who won me over with the flaming marshmallow description. I appreciate all your answers and kind support. Thanks you!