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Interview with Cameron Lincoln!

I've been a big fan of Cameron Lincoln's sexy poetry for some time, so I'm thrilled to welcome this dashing gentleman poet and author of erotic fiction to my blog. Read on for an exclusive interview, and learn a bit more about the man behind the suit.

Thank you for visiting my blog, Cameron! It is a pleasure to have you share your work with us.

Thank you so much for having me Rosanna, and for such a wonderful experience!

RL)      You mention on your blog that you’ve been writing since you were young. I know some of my early fantasy reading inspired my paranormal romances. What sorts of things did you enjoy reading as a youngster? Did they set the stage for your future work?

CL) Growing up I was a big reader of sci-fi and fantasy, as well as quite a lot of horror.  They’ve certainly influenced my writing – structuring stories etc, although the content is very different from what people have come to expect of me.  I write in those genres a lot but haven’t shared it as much – I want that to change.  I’m very much looking forward to spreading my wings a little further and inhabiting those genres a little more solidly.  If people have enjoyed my more romantic and erotic work, I hope they’ll see how I can incorporate those into something a little wilder...

RL)  I don't think you'll get any arguments from us on getting "wilder!"
You have a wonderful online following. I know I first discovered you through your sensual poetry. What do your readers enjoy most and do you get a lot of feedback from them?

CL) The people who follow me on Twitter and Facebook are incredible, and I’m forever humbled by their endless support.  Feedback can be instantaneous on a poem or a short musing, and it’s such a dynamic environment.  A comment or conversation can spawn a new poem in just a few moments.  I think what people respond to the most, particularly on Twitter, is that I’m me, and approachable, and they get a variety of things.  I don’t just tweet automated promo material.  I’ll tweet musings, words, images, interact and share other poetry and books.  I try to keep it varied, interesting and real. 

RL)      Your tagline is “Writer. Poet. Gentleman.” How hard is it to be a male author in the erotica genre? Have you encountered any particular obstacles?

CL) To begin with I’d often get comments when people had finished my books saying, “...You write so well about the female’re a man...”  I think there’s a strange lingering stigma that men may not be as capable of writing about sex and emotion as women, but that’s such a reductive stereotype.  No one woman is the same, just as no man is.  In the world of the book boyfriend, where men are so adept at all aspects of relationship, it’s clear what many readers respond to.  Writing those things is not gender specific; it’s all about finding the root of psychology and passion and applying the tender human touch.

RL)      I agree with you, Cameron. It's all about being able to harness that emotion.
My handsome friend, I can tell you love suit porn. J How did you come up with your intriguing profile pic?

CL) All my profile pics and the solo suit images I ever post are me, set up and taken by me.  There were a hundred other photos that never saw the light of day!  I’ve always liked to look smart, I guess, and there’s nothing smarter than a suit. 

RL)     Gracious! Now that we know this is the real you and not a model, you might have a bit of mayhem on your hands! You chose well. ;)
Tell us a bit about Mine Body and Soul, your Amazon #1 Bestselling Poem Anthology. Was it years in the making?

CL) Had you said to me two years ago that one day I’d have written enough poetry to produce an anthology, let alone one that would become an Amazon #1 best seller, I’d have laughed.  Mine: Body & Soul was a strange and wonderful accident, I suppose.  I wrote my first poem on my blog almost two years ago now, having not touched the poetry medium since being forced to write one at school.  I was very nervous about the reaction to it but people responded very positively.  So I tried another.  And another.  Every few weeks I’d dip my toe into the world.  Then I’d play around with micropoetry on Twitter, which developed to “morning whispers” on Facebook.  Every kind word about the poetry always stunned and humbled.  People kept asking for something that collected a whole host of the poems I’d written, so an anthology seemed the perfect way to showcase what’s essentially a journey – a writer discovering a love for something he never imagined he’d have.  I’m thrilled and so proud of that book, because it really is an unexpected achievement.  I thank everybody who ever encouraged me to pursue poetry.

RL)      What inspires you to write?

CL) The power of storytelling.  I love the idea of being able to instill a reaction in someone, whatever that may be – pathos, love, sadness, excitement, fear, desire – through the relatively simple act of putting words in a sentence.  It’s the closest thing to magic we have in the real world.  Writers are magicians – the end result is to produce a reaction in the reader and for them to feel entirely swept away.  I love it when it happens to me when reading, or experiencing a story in any format, so to be able to do that is the best feeling in the world.

RL)      It is the best feeling in the world. :)
I see you are working on your first full length paranormal romance novel, The Mayfly. Do you have any news for us on this project?

CL) It’s an urban fantasy/paranormal romance following Callie Sanders, a woman living and working alone in a city that’s become so indifferent to her presence.  She feels a little lost and invisible.  One evening she’s working late in her chemistry lab (medicinal research rather than mad science!) and a mysterious stranger appears and literally falls at her feet.  This is Madden Rowe.  He’s not entirely sure why he’s there or what he’s searching for, but Callie gets swept up into his world, and a very unique adventure ensues.

People can read an excerpt of it here:

It’s a story about the past, experience, love, identity, memory and passion.  It’s more ‘me’ in a lot of ways than anything I’ve written before.  I hope people will come along for the ride.

News-wise, I’m kicking into high gear with it and I’m hoping to get the first draft in the bag in the next two months.

RL)      We can't wait to hear more about this one, Cameron. You must keep us posted. 
Who do you read now? Who are your “go to” authors?

CL) I’m a big fan of Neil Gaiman, and I’d read a shopping list he wrote!  I do enjoy genre fiction – Richard Matheson, Clive Barker, Michael Marshall Smith, Grant Morrison.  I’m always open to new authors though, and try to read as widely as I can.

RL)      So, let's get to the "important" stuff. ;)
What comprises a sexy evening for you?

CL) Good food, a glass of wine, and wonderful conversation filled with laughter.  Silk sheets and lingerie to follow certainly never go amiss...

RL)   Ahem, is it getting hot in here? Must be me...
I see some of your writing explores the BDSM world. Have you ever had any response from your readers about this subject matter?

CL) There are only a very small handful of my stories that touch upon that world – Maria Unchained, The Madison Banquet and Submissive Desire.  The response – and I’m so thrilled that much of it is from people who live that lifestyle – has been so positive.  I always focus on the emotion of the scene, whatever it may be – how the characters feel and react.  In any relationship where the control is surrendered, I’ve always viewed as the power truly resting with the one giving up said control.  Submission is power, because without there is no trust.  That element has been commented on by people who know and understand that world as being a key element.  I’m pleased I could do it right for them.

RL)  What does erotica mean to you? Are there elements you must have in a story?

CL) I don’t think there’s anything specific you need – just a focus on passion, emotion and physicality, and not necessarily all three at once.  A simple touch between two characters can be erotic.  A conversation that both are engaged in.  A glance.  The subject matter can be varied as can be, but it’s all about the connection between souls.  Eroticism is finding that delight in scenario and making the passion come alive.

RL)   You certainly make it come alive for us.
What is next for Cameron Lincoln?

CL) Stories and poetry, plain and simple, but who knows what they’ll be about.  I want to explore so many genres.  The Mayfly is my big project.  I’m devoting as much time as possible to that.  Once that is complete...who knows?  As a writer I love how a new idea can form and a story blossom so quickly and with so little warning.  Two years ago I’d have never fathomed I’d have a fraction of the work I’ve done... So who knows what’s next around the corner.

RL)   I know, after today, my readers will want to follow you. Please tell us where we can stalk, I mean, find you. ;)

CL) I’m active most days on Twitter @Cameron_Lincoln, and all my big news generally appears first over at my Wordpress blog or official site.  I’m also active on Facebook, and always looking to engage with new readers, friends and authors. 

Cameron, this has been a joy. I look forward to hearing more about your success, and hope you will come back to update us soon. 

Absolutely my honour and pleasure to be here. Thank you, Ms Leo xx

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