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Daisy Banks...To Eternity!

I'm always excited to host Daisy Banks. This talented lady is not only a fellow Liquid Silver pub sister and author of several intriguing romances, she has been kind enough to do a fair bit of beta reading on my own novels. She is an excellent writer and I highly recommend her books. She is here today to tell us about her newest, To Eternity.

Welcome Daisy!

Thank you so much for hosting me, Rosanna, and helping me celebrate the release of my new book To Eternity, the second book in the Timeless series.

I hope those of you who enjoyed meeting Magnus and Sian in Timeless will enjoy this next step in their story.  I hope those of you meeting them for the first time in To Eternity will want to find out about their past in Timeless.

I am presently in the process of writing Out of Time, Book Three in the series and hope to have it completed this year.

In my previous posts in the tour I have concentrated on Magnus and his werewolf heritage. Today I want to introduce those of you who haven’t met him to Mr. Franklyn Gorsewell. Franklyn, Sian’s ex-boss, head of Gorsewell Productions is the character who gave me most trouble as I wrote To Eternity. I had never written a character quiet like him before, but as I got to know him he let me in to some of his more unpleasant qualities. Even when I realized what his intentions were toward Sian I hoped I’d find something to explain them. I didn’t find much, and as Franklyn grew his role, as they say in the theatre, I found I really disliked him. There were chapters in his point of view that made me shudder. I’ve picked a short excerpt from To Eternity to give you the chance to meet him.

I do hope you enjoy this.


Franklyn limped to the courtyard where the food wagon stood, got a coffee, and with his hat dipped low on his brow, parked in a shadowy corner to drink it. Astonishing how a gray raincoat and a fedora, combined with a black walking stick, turned him into an invisible man. Best solution all considered. No matter what, there was no way he’d have missed this shoot. From the little he’d seen so far, things looked well organized, typical Sian. He’d taught her well. She’d sure been eager to learn. They’d shared breakfast meetings in the park that dragged through to dinner in the evening. Days, weekends, he’d given her both so he could talk her through each task when setting up a job, introduce her to the musicians, artists, and technicians who were important to his world. All the time and effort he’d spent meant she had learned fast until she had developed much of the skill of an expert in her field with the panache of a young woman about town.
What a bloody fool he’d been. So many people had told him how good they looked together. No one once asked if he truly was her uncle. He shouldn’t have waited.
He inhaled and winced. The scent of hot coffee and fried onions couldn’t mask the underlying smell here.
Prickles of gooseflesh pebbled his skin. A reaction to the odor of this place he couldn’t control. Something familiar in the mix of scents goaded his senses, raised his need to leave a mark of himself here so Johansson would know he’d been present today.
The lusty scream of a tormented electric guitar blasted into the morning. The wails echoed around the courtyard. Sound, raw and hot, thrummed through his veins.
He had to hand it to Sian. She’d worked her little ass hard, quite literally, to make sure the Timeless film happened here. Once he got her back to
London where she belonged, he’d find a way to express his pleasure at the results of her work.

Thanks for reading.
Daisy Banks

To Eternity-wild beneath the moon- Book Two in the Timeless Series.

 For four centuries Magnus has lived according to the dictates of the moon, his heart isolated by the domination of his wolf nature. Now fate has brought the beautiful, independent Sian to his house at Darnwell and their irresistible attraction has exploded into a white-hot passion. Yet she is not wolf, and the time has come for her to embrace the change. But once she completes the ritual and claims her place next to Magnus, the rivals will appear on the horizon…

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You can read Chapter One of To Eternity free on my blog in the My Books section. Take a peek.

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  1. Thank you for hosting me, Rosanna and allowing me to introduce Franklyn to your readers. I am glad in To Eternity Magnus is around to keep him in check.

    1. So happy to have you, Daisy! I'm pleased I could help introduce a new group of readers to your awesome books.

  2. You definitely made me dislike him! Great descriptions in this excerpt, bringing everything completely to life. The plot thickens :)