Monday, 5 January 2015

The Stand-In...a teaser.

Hello friends and happy new year!
It won't be much longer before my contemporary romance The Stand-In hits the e-shelves. Look for it Feb. 9 at and other retailers.

You can now find The Stand-In at Goodreads. Please add it to your to-be-read list today. Just that one click helps an author spread the word about upcoming releases.

Here's a short teaser to whet your whistle:

He cleared his throat. “So, my car’s just over here.” He led the way to a sweet Mazda convertible. Black and sleek, it looked like the sort of car that often zipped past her rusty Yaris on the highway.
“Nice ride,” she mumbled as he held open the passenger door for her.
“Thanks.” He got in and stuck the key in the ignition. “I won’t bore you with my thoughts on its performance or gas consumption.” He winked. “I really just like how it looks.”
Shallow, shallow, shallow. Her inner voice sent out an alarm. You are the Yaris, girlfriend. This man is the Mazda. Hell, he’s a freaking Lamborghini. Everything about him was too smooth, too polished. His car, his demeanor. His goddamned kisses.
And yet a part of her still wanted to drive away with him, just to see where the road would take them. 
“So, tell me where to go.”
She relayed the directions and they set out for the uptown area, a good twenty minutes north of where she lived. They chatted about the wedding, laughed about her dress some more, and she answered a few questions for him about some of the other weddings she’d attended. Their conversation, light and easy, made her feel comfortable and she had to remind herself not to give too much away.
After all, a girl needed some secrets.