Saturday, 13 December 2014

Don't kill the fantasy in romance.

Recently, I've read several posts from folks who feel romance literature has become too much a thing of fantasy. That's there isn't enough realism in the genre. Here are a few of the complaints I've heard:

-Even when clearly flawed in some way, the heroes are too perfect. They don't resemble real men.
-Those heroes give their women too many orgasms. (Yeah, someone complained about that!)
-The scenarios are too implausible. No one falls in love under those circumstances.
-The relationships are too intense.

Whew. This gave me pause. After all, I've always read romance for the sense of fantasy. Even when reading "realistic" contemporary romance, I want something more than a slice of life. I want better than real life.

It's not to say real life can't be grand, but don't we enjoy those "implausible" scenarios because they take us away from our problems for a while?

As for those too-perfect heroes, bring them on. I am married to a wonderful real man. I wouldn't trade him in for the world. I'd never expect my husband to bear the traits of my heroes, and I don't need someone who looks like a GQ model. But when it comes to fantasy, yes, I want to be able to dream about the hunky dude with six-pack abs and rumbly voice. I'd be willing to bet when most men fantasize, they are dreaming about women who look like a young Sophia Loren. So I don't feel so guilty about dreaming about my Greek gods.

Multiple orgasms? Yes, please. Again, real life does not always provide this luxury for many women. We're tired. We're busy. We have work and families and commitments. So yes, in my romances, women will always get multiple orgasms. ;) They deserve every last spine-tingling one.

Are the relationships intense in romance novels? Yes, they can feel that way. However, in 200 pages, an author can only provide a glimpse of that relationship. Within those pages, we have to make the reader fall in love, right along with the couple. We have to deliver the emotion and a satisfying journey. I'm not going to tell you a story about a couple who meet under boring circumstances. I want to tell the story of the couple who meet and bam! Their worlds collide.

I can understand readers grow tired of reading certain elements in their books. However, does this mean I will ever stop delivering these crucial elements? No way.

The multiple orgasms stay,


  1. If I want realism, oh wait, I have it already. That's why I read fiction. Bring on the multiple O's. Those who don't like it can write their own books or find more appropriate fiction. Stop whining, and go find another genre. Thppt.

  2. Want things more real? Bah! Got enough of the reality in the day-to-day. Bring on the fiction. Fiction="something feigned, invented, or imagined; a made-up story" according to

    Multiple orgasms? Hell yeah! Gorgeous well-build 6+ft tall men falling for BBW and proud of it? Definitely! Alpha males who dote on their mates to the exclusion of almost everything else but her safety? Bring it on! Immortals or very long-lived men who can promise forever and mean it literally? Um...yes, please.

    Want more realism? Stay away from the romance sub-genres and stick to women's literature or chick lit. Better yet, read crime dramas and police procedurals. And here's an idea...non-fiction.

    1. LOL, WAB. I see we agree on many items here.