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Tami Lund...Dawning of Light!

What a pleasure to host Tami Lund on her release day! Her newest, Dawning of Light, looks wonderful. After reading the following interview with hero Finn, you will want to put this on your TBR list.

Thank you, Rosanna, for allowing Finn and I to take over your blog today. As it’s the release day for his book, I’m hopeful he will give us a sneak peek, so we know what to expect from the second book in the Lightbearer series, Dawning of Light.
Last month, I had the privilege of interviewing Tanner, the hero from Into the Light, the first book in the series. It was an awkward interview, as he wasn’t inclined to talk very much at all, let alone give me any inside information about his book. I’m hopeful Finn from Dawning of Light will be at least slightly more forthcoming.
Whereas Tanner and I met at a local brewpub, Finn has requested we meet at a small distillery. It is a vodka distillery, and he insists we do a shot together before we start the interview.
“To help us both relax,” he says.
Three shots later, I’m certainly relaxed, and faintly concerned that I will not be able to conduct this interview, let alone make it home afterward.
“You sure can belt them back,” I comment, as I signal to the waitress and request a glass of water. She is beautiful, her rather large assets displayed in a low cut shirt, her legs accentuated by a skirt that is short enough to barely qualify as such.
Finn doesn’t even notice.
“I have Irish blood,” he states, his gaze watching me steadily, his tone indicating that his words should explain everything.
“So … How’s life in the coterie treating you?”
He scowls. Apparently I have a knack for starting interviews on the wrong foot. The same thing happened when I interviewed Tanner.
“It’s … different,” he said, slowly, choosing his words with care. “I knew where I stood when I was part of Quentin Lyons’ pack. I’m still trying to figure it out in this Lightbearers’ pack.”
“Coterie. They call their secret, warded village a coterie. But I suppose it’s the same concept as a pack,” I add lamely, feeling guilty under his intense stare.
“It’s nothing at all like pack life,” he replies. “Hardly anyone knows how to fight, even though it seems like half the magical community is out to get them. You would think they would have planned better for their future. But they all relied way too heavily on their king and their magical wards. Well, their king’s a pansy and their wards can be broken.”
“Not by shifters,” I point out. “Your only magic is the ability to shift forms at will. Lightbearers can use their magic for all sorts of things.” I can tell instantly that I’ve said the wrong thing. He looks as if he is contemplating leaping across the small table and ripping out my throat. I grab my water, chug it.
“Tanner has magic,” he says, so softly I almost miss it. “He shares his mate’s magic.” He sounds wistful.
“Do you … Do you wish you were mated? To a lightbearer?”
“I may be open to mating with someone … someday. But not a lightbearer. No damn way.”
“Not even Cecilia?”
His job is to protect Cecilia, who has a propensity for slipping out of the coterie unnoticed, therefore putting her own life into danger on a regular basis. But I can tell by the look on his face, by the glow in his eyes, that there is more to it than simply keeping her safe.
“Cecilia isn’t interested in mating.”
“But if she were?”
“She isn’t. With anyone. It doesn’t matter who it is.”
“Are you…” My vodka-soaked brain struggles to find the right words. It is obvious he feels … something for the feisty lightbearer.
“She’s frustrating as hell,” he mutters before downing the shot perched on the table in front of him, and then signaling for another.
“She does seem like a bit of a free thinker,” I say.
“A bit?” He snorts. The sexy waitress returns and he leans around her to give me a disbelieving look. “Did you know her parents locked her in the basement for three days, when she was fifteen years old, because she snuck out of the coterie to meet a human boy?”
My eyes widen. “Lightbearers need sunlight,” I state the obvious. “If they go too long without sunlight, they’ll … they’ll die.”
“She almost did.” He sounds far too protective for someone who is just keeping an eye on the woman. Not to mention his eyes. They haven’t stopped glowing since we started on this subject. Shifters’ eyes only glow when their emotions are running high. I consider pressing for more information, and try to figure out how to ask.
“She must have some redeeming qualities,” I say.
He shrugs, leans back in his chair, rests one foot on the knee of his other leg.
“She’s beautiful, I suppose. Although she’s too damn skinny. And she’s loyal, especially to her cousin, Olivia, who is the Lightbearer princess. And I guess her free spirit or whatever the hell you want to call it isn’t really such a bad trait.” He sounds grudgingly appreciative of a trait of which her parents clearly disapprove.
“What about you? Your loyalties lie with your pack master, obviously, as you’re a shifter and that’s how shifters operate. But are you loyal to anyone else?”
He watches me with those glowing eyes. I try not to flinch under the scrutiny. I do not think I’ve asked such an inappropriate question, have I?
“To Cecilia,” he finally says. “If anyone hurts her, in any way, they will feel my wrath. I’ve killed before,” he adds before I can comment. “And I won’t hesitate to do it again.”
He abruptly stands and pulls the thin leather jacket off the back of the chair. “Be careful what you write about me,” he says, and then he strides away, through the clusters of humans who are tasting the various types of vodka the distillery has to offer. He does not exactly melt into the crowd – it would be impossible for him to melt into any crowd – but he does have an uncanny ability to simply … disappear.
I shift my gaze to the notes I’ve taken, and I cannot help but wonder, Do his feelings for Cecilia run deeper than even he is willing to admit?
Thank you for taking the time to read Finn’s interview. And thank you again, Rosanna, for letting us take over your blog today. It was truly a pleasure to be here. Finn and Cecilia’s story released on December 15th, if your readers want to learn more of what Finn hinted at in his interview.

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