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Vicki-Ann Bush...The Garden of Two Giveaway/Interview!

I'm thrilled to welcome Vicki-Ann Bush today and happy to announce she is kindly doing a giveaway! Here to share all the news on her historical romance The Garden of Two, she is doing a giveaway of 2 copies in PDF and signed posters. In order to participate, head on over to her Facebook page, give it a like and leave a comment letting her know you saw her here.

Read on as I do an interview with our guest author today as well, and learn more about how this book came to life.


            Charlie Murphy and Lillie Whitman are surrounded by the innocence of young love, and the guileless early twentieth century. They fall deeper into each other, intertwining their very different worlds to create a bond that no one can break.

Or so they thought.

            When the dawn of World War I comes to their Long Island town, and personal tragedies begin to spiral the lovers into an abyss of darkness, they must fight to hold on to their love. Knowing their bond will be the only ties that will get them through. From the horrors of Germany's front lines to the emotional battle fields fought at home, Charlie and Lillie must find a way to stay strong, and navigate a path, back into each others arms. And how a garden, a very special garden, can withstand the coldest of winters and give the ultimate symbol of hope.

            Ms. Bush other works include, The Dusk Chronicles trilogy, featuring these five star reviews—

1) Tell us how you got started in writing.
When I was thirteen there was a school contest. We had to write a story and then construct the book. I loved the whole process and was hooked.

2) What drew you to historical romance and WWI in particular?
It was a sunny warm morning and I was sitting on my patio over looking my back yard. My husband had just planted two fire-thorns on the back wall. The story grew from there. As for World War I, I've always had a kinship with the early 1900's up until the 1920's.

3) If you could have any actors portray your characters, who would you choose?
It's funny but I've thought of this often. There is an actor that fits Charlie, the way I see him, to perfection. His name is Matt Dallas. As for Lillie, Shailene Woodley.

4) What occurs first to you, plot or characters?
Plot, the characters unfold as I go.

5) What is most attractive about your hero? Your heroine?
His sense of loyalty and commitment to those around him.

6) Every author has mixed feelings about reviews. Do you read yours? Have you ever been tempted to alter your writing based on what might have been said in a review?
I do read mine, and thank goodness, they've all been favorable. No, I wouldn't alter based on a bad review or any review. I write for who I am.

7) What sort of research did you do to prepare your book?
I watched several documentaries on World war I, read articles, researched the neighborhoods of Long Island in 1916, and listened to soldier testimonies who were in the war.

8) If you could model your writing career on that of another author, who would you choose and why?
Dean Koontz.

9) What's next for you? Any upcoming projects you'd like to tell us about?
I just completed a YA Sci-Fi, The Room from 629. I've sent to some beta readers and then a bit more editing before submission. But I've just started a whole new road for my writing with a new book. It's more of a human interest story. We'll see how this one goes. 

Author Bio:

 I reside in Las Vegas, Nevada. My love for writing started when I was thirteen. I took part in a city wide writing contest in my hometown of Floral Park, New York. I was hooked. For many years I wrote but never submitted. In 2008, I started sending in to various publishers on the suggestions of my two daughters. The first positive response was from Salt of the Earth Publishing. My earlier work started with children books—Winslow Willow the Woodland Fairy and The Queen of It. I have since settled into writing young adult fiction. My first release was the novelette/novella series, The Dusk Chronicles. It is a supernatural romance set in Las Vegas.
Newly released from Solstice Publishing, my historical romance novel, The Garden of Two and the paranormal romance novella, The Fulfillment. In addition, I am currently working on a young adult science fiction novel, The View from Room 629

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