Thursday, 18 December 2014

Geena Tillman...Blue Moon!

Woot! I'm so pleased to introduce you all to a talented debut author, Geena Tillman. Geena and I recently connected on Goodreads and I cannot wait to check out her book Blue Moon. Be sure to add it to your TBR list. This looks like the start of a very sexy series.

Welcome, Geena!

Growing up with a hippy mother had some advantages in life, a respect for all life on earth, a healthy dose of social justice, and the permissiveness that comes from a parent who really wants their children to grow up to follow their dreams rather than follow the traditional societal lines that define "success."

Which is how I ended up here, nearing my 30's with a degree in the fine arts and having just published a paranormal erotic novel. 

I've always had a deep love for the romance genre, loving to read romantic tales from a  young age. (I blame fairy tales and disney princesses for setting me on the path of romance obsession!) It evolved in my college years to a love of the erotic, usually with the elements of the supernatural or science fiction. I especially love shapeshifter stories, which is probably why my first novel is an erotic novel about werewolves! 

I wrote "Blue Moon" at the urgings of my editor, Ada Murphy (an aspiring author in her own right, though not of erotica) who had never read an erotic novel before diving into editing mine. I'm happy to say she is now a fan of the genre, and is going through my personal library as I write! She thought that I had a flare for the dramatic (I used to write screenplays for short films that never went anywhere, for my degree) and I should just sit down and finish one. 

And so I did. 

I hope to build off of the story of Blue Moon, as there are 4 more books planned in the series, the second one of which (Retribution) I am embroiled in writing at this moment, which I hope will be bigger and better than the first novel. 

I write at home, a massive cup of tea next to me, in my tiny little closet of an office. There is a certain satisfaction to having finished an novel, as though the world has opened up and I can write more, do more, be a little bit better at my life than I was before I finished a novel. For anyone out there who is currently working on something, keep at it! I wish everyone could have the same sort of satisfaction I feel at finishing a project! There's almost nothing like it.

If you want to read my novel, I hope that you'll enjoy it, and review it (even if you didn't!), or e-mail or tweet me to let me know what you thought! I love hearing from people, and would love to hear from any of you! 

Now for brass tacks, the synopses of my novel!

Dealing with the murder of his father, Packmaster Jason Bortelais doesn't have time for anything in his life except his pack. Elise Leigh is on the run from an abusive ex with a vendetta, and can't get mixed up with anyone who might get hurt. But when they meet in the woods, sparks fly and a heated romance cannot be denied. When threats to the pack increase, Jason and Elise need to hang on against all the outside forces looking to destroy them.

After discovering romance novels in her early teens, Geena enjoyed the fun and love attributed to the genre. However, she also loved magic, science fiction, and action movies to death, so tries to marry the two sides of her fiction passions in one. 

She lives in Canada with her husband and their three pets, despite being adverse to all things winter (a big problem for someone living in Canada!) This, however, gives her lots of time indoors to pursue writing during the long winter months. She doesn't like to take life too seriously, and is known as a bit of a joker.


  1. Gotta say, Canada produces some awesome authors. :) Congrats on your debut, Geena!